What is the Hamptons style?

The foundation of none other than the Hamptons style talks of homes built by those famous, rich in a group of townships on some long island of New York. This style is about cool, classic as well as sophisticated designs, meeting those rustic and casual beach vibes. Hamptons style is actually a classic look accompanied by a relaxed feel.

Hamptons style renovation is loved and longed for by everyone, as it seems to be one of the best renovation styles. So let us have a look at how one can transform his or her own home spaces to bring them nearer to the Hamptons style.

What does one need to look for the outside element?

One gets a range of smart options when looking for such style to revamp one’s own home. The renovators are there to guide you in terms of all such Hamptons styles renovation. It will not matter even if the location belongs to the suburbs and not the beach.

Come close to nature

Know that nature is a central element for Hamptons lifestyle. So the indoor and outdoor connections will be the key. Try to choose something like spacious wraparound verandas matching with the white timber balustrades. You may also have those generous lounging areas as well as capacious entranceways for a relaxed touch. 

Let more light enter the spaces 

Use a number of large-scale windows as well as French doors and thus open up to the light and the outdoors. Add the same with some character details. This will include the decorative wooden framed Palladian windows. Here the windows are divided into three and come with the arched centre portion. This will be suitable for bringing about the eclectic roots of the Hamptons style renovation    

One may also add the break-out features such as Bay windows of large size along with front entry porches to add character and street appeal. It’ll enhance the interior living areas and at the same time, lighten up those dark spaces.

Coming to the interiors part

The common ground for the much needed Hamptons style is provided by the eclectic and uncluttered interior themes. This will include the use of wide-open spaces that will seem as if flowing seamlessly between the outdoors and the indoors. Note that these are some of the prerequisites for the Hamptons style renovation. 

Rooms and kitchens

Next, we come to use timber floors, ocean-inspired colours and lots of natural light in the oversized rooms. The rooms, even if double the height, will make this style suitable to bring about the Hamptons style. Then the next additions will be overhead cupboards and open shelves, white cabinets as well as tile splashbacks. These are of course for the cooking region, offering a casual kitchen feel.

Go for some inspiration

Add something inspiring in the form of a piece added to the great interior designs. Hamptons style calls for the need to place a muse in mind that comes when the rooms give some purpose. This can be achieved with some vintage furniture, an existing feature or a furnishing pattern. 

Besides all this, do not forget to bring the sense of provenance through original details just as doors, window frames, distressed timber furniture and timber panelling.


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