Choosing the best tiles is an essential process in remodelling a bathroom. Factors like strength, cost, and appearance should be considered when choosing bathroom tiles. In addition, bathroom tiles should be water-resistant, anti-skid, and easy to maintain to prevent the growth of bacteria, moulds, and germs. Various tiles are present in the market, and it takes a lot of time to decide the best to meet your need.

1. Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tiles are Reliable, durable, Easy to Clean, and come in many available designs that fit your home design. It is known as one of the best tiles for the bathroom. They are very affordable, averaging 49 cents per square foot.

It has many colors and patterns to make the bathroom look its best. Ceramic tiles are perfect for the bathroom because they resist moisture and would not absorb odour and bacteria. It also does not cause any problems with humidity or moisture because it is water-resistant.

2. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are more stain-resistive in comparison to ceramic tiles. But they are slippery when wet, making an unsafe bathroom floor, so for using this tile, be sure to use a mat or rug near the shower or toilet. These tiles are fragile and need a very secure surface to stay intact.

3. Stone Or Natural Stone Bathroom Flooring 

Stone and Natural bathroom flooring are best for allergic people because it is a non-porous texture; they would not hold onto dust and particles. Natural tiles can absorb allergens more quickly and effectively than other tiles. Natural stone looks beautiful with any theme.

They also provide awfully surface quality, making them easy to clean without worrying about scratching. Due to a lack of cracks, footsteps are very quiet on natural stone flooring.  

4. Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tiles are affordable and easy to install because it relies on low-cost materials. They also provide a high degree of practicality. Vinyl tiles are waterproof, with excellent safety advantages, like being less slippery and having incredible durability.

5. Linoleum Tiles

Linoleum Tiles offer an environmentally friendly atmosphere for the bathroom because they are made of recycled materials like linseed oil, cork powder, etc. It is inexpensive, inhibits the growth of microorganisms, and holds well to dirt and greases, but it is a more expensive choice. Linoleum tiles look excellent with all types of sitting.

6. Glass Tiles

Glass Tiles are suitable for depth and Aesthetic because of their sleek look, it creates the illusion of depth, and if it is tinted, it shows a stained-glass effect.

Glass tiles give the bathroom a luxurious and spacious look because of their luminous surface reflecting a lot of light. These are water-resistant and stain-resistant and inhibit the growth of microorganisms. 

Besides these, some other best bathroom tiles are present, such as cement tiles, Mosaic tiles, Terracotta tiles, laminate tiles, wood flooring, and cork flooring tiles which are becoming much more popular in the present era.


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