A good mattress provides good sleep. Once you’ve invested in the best mattress for your bed, you expect it to provide comfortable sleep for many years. The average mattress life span is designed to last anywhere from five to ten years or more. But you are the one who decreases its lifespan by not taking care of it properly. The maintenance can shorten or lengthen your bed’s lifespan. For an excellent spongy mattress, you shall go for a mattress stores sydney. Here are some proper ways to maintain your mattress long-lasting:

Use a mattress protector:

The mattress is a protective layer or barrier between you and your bed. Dirt, and dust mites, absorb sweat, makeup, dead skin cells and other items that would easily enter the mattress if left unprotected. The most notable thing is that it prevents the bed from staining. The durability of your mattress protector means a lot. If you tend to sleep warm and calmly, look for one having high-quality fabric in mattress stores sydney. The mattress will absorb your sweat, so your bed doesn’t have to. There are also two kinds of mattress protectors available in the market. One is a fitted mattress protector which covers every inch of your bedding. Second, encasement mattress protectors use zippers on the side to protect the bedding. The benefit of these mattress protectors is they keep out dust mites, dirt, bugs, and more. 

Wash your bed sheets regularly:

You can see a lot of bacteria and germs on your bed sheets if it is not adequately cleaned. Nowadays, everyone has the habit of eating food and snacks in bed. While eating, you might spit food, water, or juice, leaving a stain on your bed. Immediately wash the stained area with water, or the colour remains forever on your bed sheets. In addition, all of this can get into your mattress layers and damage them. You should ideally wash your bed sheets and blankets every week. Even when using a mattress protector, keeping linens clean is still essential. 

Try to keep the pet away:

Your favourite pet might carry more germs, roundworms, and dirt naturally. If you allow your pet to sit or sleep in your bed, you should also get ready to face health issues. The parasites in a pet can slide off into the bed sheets of your mattress and spread some diseases for you. So kindly avoid your pet being in your bed. If you want a mattress for the pet, go for mattress stores sydney.

Stop bouncing on the bed:

Every child loves to jump on the bed, which is a playful activity for them. They enjoy jumping on the bed as it is soft, spongy and smooth. But none realizes that it also causes damage to the mattress. Bouncing up and down on the bed only creates unnecessary or extra pressure on the mattress. Kindly avoid this action. 

Final thoughts:

There are also beds guaranteed that bouncing on beds will never damage the mattress. If you want to buy it, think of mattress stores sydney. Maintain your mattress long lasting by following these steps and make your investment worth it.







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