Homes with Hamptons furniture are highly popular in Sydney. The style is a natural fit for the Australian way of life because of our passion for bringing the outdoors inside, our proximity to the ocean, and our preference for making the most of natural light. A white-washed home decorated in traditional colours or neutral tones and finished with furniture and furnishings that convey a coastal vibe is representative of the style. However, sometimes it might be more difficult to choose furniture that properly complements a Hamptons-style decor.

What does “Hamptons style” mean to you?

A Hamptons-style home has an appealing atmosphere and is at once refined and unhurried. “Decorating in the Hamptons style requires a lot of charm and personality, and interior spaces should feel light, bright, and airy, giving you peace and relaxation. A house furnished in the Hamptons style will have a muted colour scheme, highlighting finer elements like wood cabinetry, mouldings, Hamptons furniture and flooring.

Which furniture is appropriate for a home in the Hamptons?

Hamptons furniture in Sydney tends to be laid-back and beachy.” “Consider big accent chairs in harmonising soft blues and beiges, comfortable sofas upholstered in soft natural materials like linens, and sofas with softly gathered skirts. A soft rug with a textured surface and some natural wood accents, such as a coffee table, will complete the look.

What tips would you provide someone looking to furnish a Hamptons-style home?

Furniture in the Hamptons style is simple to identify. Instead of buying “on-trend” products, choose timeless, simple pieces like a roll-armed sofa that will never go out of style.

Choose neutral hues that will complement your existing furniture. “Select coordinating furniture to go with the style of your sofas, like an expansive wing chair or ottoman. In line with the modest elegance of the Hamptons, you can be more daring with your fabric selections here. However, avoid using too many bright or vivid colours. “Investment items like a dining table with pedestal legs never go out of style. Hamptons furniture in Sydney has undoubtedly stood the test of time. Avoid veneers or highly polished woods in favour of natural wood.

Hamptons-style furniture’s COLOURS & MATERIALS

When it comes to interiors in the Hamptons style, colours like white, neutrals, yellow, and green are frequently used. It works best, in our opinion, to layer several shades of blue, from navy to baby blue, or warm neutral colours with coastal blues.

In Hamptons-style designs, natural textiles and materials are preferred for furniture and home decor. It follows that comparable tendencies in Hamptons Style Lighting are not surprising. The interior design emphasises texture and gives the house a warm feel by using materials like stone and timber.


Hamptons furniture in Sydney is best exemplified by a white-washed house that has been furnished with coastal-inspired furniture and painted in conventional or neutral colours. The colour scheme of a home decorated in the Hamptons style will be subdued, emphasising the finer details like wood flooring, mouldings, and cabinets. The Hamptons-style furniture is easily recognised. In designs inspired by the Hamptons, natural textiles and materials are favoured for furniture and home accents.




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