As you can understand from the name itself, the handrail is mainly a part in a staircase, which you will hold onto whenever you are going up or down the stairs. It will either sit right on top of spindles and will form part of the balustrade, or some are even fixed to the walls, mainly the modernised designs. Now the market houses so many options under stair handrails Sydney, but those fall under two major types. 

Once you are aware of those types, half of the work is done and dusted. You have the integrated and then the wall-mounted option. The layout and even the style of the staircase will be the main reason to determine the best handrail type that might work best for you.

Going for the integrated handrails:

If you are looking for integrated handrails, you are mainly looking for the one that runs along the top of spindles and will form the major part of a balustrade. 

  • Whenever you are selecting the best handrail for adding up to the balustrade, you can either opt for the grooved or even the un-grooved option. There will be a change in style with both.
  • Stairway handrails which are available with 32mm or 41mm grove will be mostly used with spindles.
  • Then you have the un-grooved version, which is best to be used with the glass panels and clamps, metal spindles or even the wall-mounted option.
  • In both these options, the handrail will be proficiently supported at either end by that newel post.

The Grooved handrails:

This spindle will sit within the chosen groove of the handrail. It is going to be a 32mm spindle, which will sit in 32mm grooved. You can adjust the measurement according to your use for sure.

  • The entire measurement of handrail will always remain the same. It is going to be the size of the groove that alters. Let’s take an example for better understand. A 32mm or 41mm grooved handrail will have the overall same dimension.
  • You can also aim for the glass grooved handrails, which will then have a deeper channel, which will run just from the length of handrail for accommodating that glass panel. Depending on your choice, you can head for the best stair handrails Sydney options in here.

Now for the un-grooved handrails:

These un-grooved versions are best suited if you are aiming for metal spindles or glass panels as brackets or clamps. There will be a spindle foot attachment, which can be directly screwed into the rail. These un-grooved handrails will also be a wall-mounted one for sure.

Make way for the wall-mounted ones:

If you want to add a separate element to the balustrade, which is more stylish than the traditional ones then the wall-mounted handrails are the best-suited options for you. Here, such stair handrails Sydney will have two popular styles, which are mopstick and pig’s ear.

You can go through all the valuable styles and options before addressing the best help. Results will work out in your favour. 


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