Why Buy Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Why Buy Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Are you tired of dealing with pool cleaning by hand? Are you struggling to find a pool cleaner that fits your needs? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you should consider buying a robotic pool cleaner. A robotic pool cleaner is a machine that uses algorithms to navigate around the pool and clean it without any human intervention. They are perfect for pools that are large or have tight corners. They are also much less expensive than traditional pool cleaners, and they won’t damage the pool liners. So why buy a robotic pool cleaner? Here are eight reasons.

Maintains Chemical Balance

Traditional pool cleaners leave large piles of dirt and debris that contain too much aluminum, calcium, and other harmful chemicals. These chemical residues are easily tracked all over the garden or back patio where they wipe up sandals or damage plants with their suction power. This kind of aggressive cleaning damages your water quality as well as ruins your health because dangerous chemicals make you vulnerable to certain diseases like cancer. A robotic pool cleaner eliminates this risk by only treating the contaminated water.


Robotic pool cleaners are highly efficient in their cleaning. An average robotic pool cleaner uses a carbon filter as its primary treatment method and has an energy efficiency of up to 90% which makes it incredibly clean, environmentally friendly, and safe for the environment.

Energy Efficient

Robotic pool cleaners have sensors that accurately monitor the water temperature and chemical conditions in your pool. The robots know when it’s time for a round of disinfecting and perform themselves.

Lowest Cost

Robotic pools are far from expensive to maintain, shop for replacement parts or services, and can be cleaned with ease as opposed to doing so manually. The cost of maintaining a robotic pool cleaner is close enough to the traditional one but this only depends on how it’s set up throughout its lifespan since there is no upfront cost.

Maintain the Correct Levels of pH

A robotic pool cleaner knows when it needs a dose of chlorine or salt to maintain proper levels in your swimming pool water. The Pumps that are an essential part of a robotic system counteract these chemicals and leave you with clean water guaranteed against any harmful algae growths which are beneficial for both physical health and other areas such as preventing skin diseases, making sure pools are always clear from pesky bacteria, and promoting healthy growth in wood.

Safer to Use

Robotic pool cleaners are loud machines that can tend to frighten or intimidate swimmers as a result of their appearance like traditional cleaning pools. However, low-speed robots with chlorine dispensers are used to ensure your safety from potential accidents occurring which require human attention and great care.

Easy Handling

Size and weight restrictions are far less of a concern for robotic swimming pools since they can be used in areas without worrying if you’ll need help entering or exiting the pool area because of their compact nature, based on the models available.

Highly Durable

With robotic cleaning, there’s nothing to worry about getting your hands dirty while using these electronics as they’re fully protected by high-quality suits from potentially hazardous parts and fluids like strong chemicals or lubricants. 


The main pros of robotic pool cleaning are clean water guaranteed, safety from random accidents that can be caused by an animal or human interaction at a swimming pool, and prevention from possible disease-bearing bacteria.

Why The Robotic Pool Cleaner Is The Best Investment Swimming Pool Owners Can Make

Why The Robotic Pool Cleaner Is The Best Investment Swimming Pool Owners Can Make

A robotic pool cleaner can transform the way swimming pool owners clean and maintain their prized water structures. Here’s every awesome detail about these machines.  While there are several amazing perks of owning a swimming pool, cleaning and maintaining these water systems is a major hassle for many homeowners. Homeowners who spend long hours at work hoping to come back home and relax in their swimming pools are often greeted with leaves, algae, and all types of other dirt in their pools. That’s why cleaning and maintaining swimming pools is a major factor most don’t consider while installing these structures. People are likely to spend more time cleaning and maintaining their swimming pools than enjoying it. After all, scrubbing large pools to eliminate small granules of dust, algae, and dirt is an extremely tiresome process – unless you use a robotic pool cleaner.

What Are Robotic Pool Cleaners?

A robotic pool cleaner is a device designed to alleviate the additional stress that comes with being a swimming pool owner. These machines are relatively new innovations and possess far superior cleaning abilities than traditional circulation pump filters or automated pool cleaners. Of course, these machines are better at cleaning than humans because they climb pool walls, steer through every inch of the swimming pool bed, and suck out any and every granule of dust, algae, microscopic bacteria, and other forms of dirt. Even humans can’t achieve this level of cleaning precision as we are known for struggling to clean the corners of our pools properly. Thankfully, unlike us and traditional filtration systems, these robotic cleaners eliminate all pollutants from every corner of the pool, making sure the swimming pool is ready for use at all times.


So, a robotic pool cleaner completely gets rid of algae, chemicals, bacteria, sweat, urine, leaves, twigs, and dust from the swimming pool. Surely this advanced cleaning machine must consume tons of energy, right? Wrong! Contrary to belief, robotic cleaners require very low amounts of voltage. In fact, the latest RPCs consume as less energy as standard light bulbs! Being relatively new to the market, these machines are quite up to date with modern-day energy-efficiency standards. Their energy-efficiency also makes them cost-efficient in the long run. A traditional circulation pump will consume five times more energy than these devices and offer ten times less the cleaning efficiency. So, technically, the RPCs are quite cheap!

Keeps Pool Chemical-Free

While chlorine is a great tool for disinfecting swimming pools, overexposure to chlorine can be extremely dangerous for the skin. On the other hand, not using sufficient chlorine can cause swimming pools to be over-infected with algae and bacteria. How to resolve this swimming pool conundrum? Get a robotic pool cleaner! These cleaning machines can help homeowners keep their pools free from dirt and excessive chlorine!

Super-Easy to Use 

An advanced robotic pool cleaner will have a built-in filtration system. Here, the machine traps all dirt in small filter bags. Apart from removing these filters, swimming pool owners don’t have to do much. Replace the filter, and the RPC is good to go! Press its power button, place it into the pool, and the cleaning resumes!


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