Top 7 Reasons To Install Resiplank Floors At Your Space

Top 7 Reasons To Install Resiplank Floors At Your Space

Because of the amount of water used in the bathroom, it is important to pick a type of flooring that can endure regular water use. When it comes to bathrooms, resiplank floors are one of the greatest flooring solutions to install since they offer various advantages. So, what are the advantages of using resiplank floors in the bathroom? 

The following are some of the advantages of using resiplank floors in the bathroom:

  • Ease of Maintenance of resiplank flooring:

Bathrooms may quickly get filthy, so choosing a low-maintenance flooring option is essential. This type of flooring does not require any extra maintenance, which is ideal for those who do not want to risk ruining their floors. It is also advised for individuals who do not want to waste time cleaning it because of dirt, stains, or grime.

  • Resiplank floors Are Resistant to Water :

When placing flooring in a bathroom, be certain that it is water-resistant. Water resistance is excellent in resiplank floors, with more luxurious varieties that can repel water for longer periods. Resiplank flooring is resistant to stains and dampness in addition to its natural resistance to water.

  • The Cost of the resiplank floors:

 Resiplank flooring is also less expensive than other types of flooring, which is ideal if you are on a tight budget. Standard range in price from $.50 to $3 per square foot in timber flooring stores near me. The typical price per square foot for more costly vinyl flooring, such as luxury tiles, may range from $2 to $7.

  • Very Simple Installation Process:

 Resiplank flooring is quite straightforward to install, especially if your subfloor is already intact and levelled; install the flooring themselves and DIY it for people who wish to save money.  Resiplank tiles, for example, can be purchased individually and put using adhesive or a peel-and-stick application.

  • Durablity Offered by Many Flooring Stores :

Bathrooms require long-lasting flooring, and resiplank flooring offers this benefit. This flooring can withstand a lot of foot activity and is not readily harmed even if large objects are dumped on it. There are several types of plank flooring on the market, each with a different amount of durability.

  • Comfortable:

Because of its superb firmness balance, this flooring is regarded for being quite pleasant underfoot. It has a thin backing on one end that provides a softer walking surface than other types of flooring. This is ideal for individuals who must stand for an extended amount of time, such as the shower.

  • Design Variety:

 Resiplank floors come in various styles, colours, and designs and they may mimic the look of more expensive flooring. Thanks to technological advancements, you may now enjoy the look of stone, hardwood flooring, or marble without paying a fortune.

 Resiplank floors are one of the greatest solutions for bathrooms and other spaces such as the kitchen and dining room since, as previously said, it offers a variety of benefits.  Get in touch with the best flooring company by searching “ flooring stores near me”.

Factors Supporting the growing Popularity Of The Resiplank floors

Factors Supporting the growing Popularity Of The Resiplank floors

Hybrid flooring is now a fashion trend in the market. It is a flooring innovation that has combined the top attributes of vinyl flooring and the laminates to form a rigid floating floor. It is suitable in commercial and residential spaces. One such versatile hybrid flooring instance is the resiplank flooring, which is a premium vinyl product. 

In the global market, companies dealing with heavy commercial applications are opting for the Resiplank floorsThe flooring material provides relentless service due to unparalleled dimensional stability, unique structure, diverse designs, and great water resistance properties. 

  • Easy on your feet:

Whether you are planning the residential or commercial plot floor, the selection of the best material is important for maximum functionality. For many years, hardwood and tiles have been the top dogs in the flooring industry. But with the introduction of technologically improved vinyl flooring Sydney is now racing for the top position. 

  1. It won’t feel hard under your feet, unlike the solid wood. 
  2. If you have joint problems and you need to work for a long time in a standing position, then the vinyl material will be ideal for working comfortably. 
  • Water resistance:

One of the many problems that can bother you while deciding on the flooring material is the water resistance property. 

  1. For instance, when you are working in the kitchen, water spills are common. You cannot install a material that will suffer from damages with water exposure. 
  2. The Resiplank floors have overcome the problem and show high resistance to water damages. Hence, whether you want to install it in a commercial building or the residential building, there is nothing to worry about water damages. 
  • Pet and children friendly:

How many times have you looked disappointed at the scratches on the floor, which you cannot remove? But you can’t control the excited pets. Again, the children crawl on the floor, and the hairs of the pets cling to their clothes. Maintaining hygiene becomes expensive as you have to call the professional cleaners to get rid of the sheds and clean the floor. 

  1. Installing the vinyl flooring Sydney will alleviate the expenses for hiring professional cleaners. A simple vacuum will be enough to remove the dust and pet’s sheds regularly as the dust does not cling to the flooring.
  2. It is safe for pets and babies, too, as it does not contain any harmful constituents. 
  • Easy to install

If you like to buy a flooring material that will be easy to install and a good DIY job, then the vinyl option will be the best. The only other material that can be the closest rival in terms of DIY-friendliness will be the laminates. The peel-and-stick options are also available. 

With the installation of the Resiplank floors, you don’t have to worry about repairs or replacement soon as the material is highly durable. Most of the reputed manufacturers provide you with a one-year warranty. Additionally, the maintenance charges are also low, which makes it a cost-effective option. The material is compatible with underfloor heating. 


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