You have handrails at home and office. Stainless steel is a common metal used. Harsh elements can degrade the quality of steel metal.

Steel is well known for its natural gloss and sheen. Stainless steel balustrade Sydney metal will last for many years.

  • Under normal conditions, steel will maintain its natural looks
  • It does not get affected by harsh weather elements with ease
  • It can withstand impact and rust for years

These are the top three reasons steel handrails are so common. But this does not mean, it is a non-destructive metal. To ensure it survives for years, proper care is necessary.

1. Always keep properties in mind

Steel is resistant to rust and cracks under normal conditions. The metal may not flake as well. So you need to observe tips that help maintain its shine.

You also need to keep in mind that metals will react with acids or bases. Avoid using the base or acid-rich cleansing agent on steel rails and balustrades.

2. Use mild cleansers

You may have to clean balustrade and rails very often. This will prevent debris, dust and moisture accumulation. Whatever you use, ensure it is mild by nature.

Speak to a stainless steel balustrade Sydney dealer before selecting the best cleansing agent. You can also use a detergent solution that is mild. Avoid solvents or cleansers that are acidic. 

The acid will react with steel to oxidize its top layer. It will also degrade its quality.

3. Use dry mob

Steel does not have open pores on the layer. The metal maintains its polish for years. The polish will cover any pores present on the top layer of the metal.

It also makes the steel metal less reactive. When cleaning stainless steel rails, you should make use of dry cloth or mob. This will clean any dust or debris present on the top layer.

It also offers steel with its natural shine. Stainless steel balustrade Sydney when well maintained is durable.

4. Treat stains and scratch

Steel may also develop stains and scratch over time. They need proper treatment. When treating, avoid using pressure. Scrub action is more effective in treating these elements. 

When selecting scrub, always check with the bristle quality. Soft bristle scrub is an ideal choice for treating scratch and stains.

5. Use mild cleansers

You will also come across steel cleansers in the market. These types are detergent-based. They do not corrode the steel metal. Stainless steel balustrade Sydney metal will not rust with ease.

You can choose a mild cleanser. Rinsing action will help treat spots present on the top layer.

6. Treat rust

Steel will not develop rust with time. It can withstand the oxidation process. But if you overlook maintenance, it will rust at joints. This area needs proper care on time.

If you notice rust, you need to treat it at once. Stainless steel balustrade Sydney metal may not use an anti-rust coating. To apply anti-rust you may have to remove its polish layer.

Scrapping is the best way to treat rust on steel. You have to prevent it from moisture as well. Car wax is the ideal choice for steel handrails.


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