Are you getting ready to paint the front door? There are also aspects to do for a project like this, such as choosing the best colour and making sure it goes on smoothly. We are sharing a few tips today in the form of mistakes to avoid. After all, when it comes to solid timber doors in Sydney painting, being meticulous is the answer, but there might be space for shortcuts. Read on to get all the information

Not Starting Smooth Surface

If you paint a bumpy door, you end up with a newly painted bumpy door. If the colour is chipping off, it’s better to use sandpaper, a heat gun or a paint stripper to clean the old paint before applying the new one. Speak to the nearest solid timber doors Sydney store specialist for advice on your particular project. Bear in mind that you are likely to select a semi-gloss paint that gives a cool glow to your door. That’s why you need a smooth surface before you start!

Not taking the shortcut

Certain measures might not be appropriate for your project. For eg, it is generally advised that you remove bolts and handle from your front door before you paint it. It is unlikely that you are going to change handles and bolts of solid timber doors in Sydney. It would be difficult for you to put it back in place without any problems. Covering the hardware with the painter’s tape before painting the door is advised, But bear in mind that you may have to make up for it in other ways when you take shortcuts.

Not wearing a mask

If you peel the paint off the front door or sand the door for smoothness, the last thing you want to think about is additives and sawdust swirling around your face. Also less toxic paint strippers will inflict harm if they come into contact with your skin. Check with the nearest solid timber doors Sydney shop for the right dust mask and safety goggles to buy for your particular project. Not to mention, if you intend to use an electric sander, you’ll want to pick up a pair of earplugs!

Gloves Not Using

Again, whether you’re sanding the frame, scraping the paint with a chemical stripper, or just washing the painting supplies after the job is done, wearing gloves is a must. For paint stripping, make sure the gloves are environmentally resistant. Even if the door painting initiative doesn’t require stripping your paint, shielding your hands as sand isn’t a bad idea.

Not Bringing the Painter’s Tape 

When you need to lock the door for the night after painting, make sure you place the painter’s tape around the weatherstrip to keep the door from sticking. If you close the door too soon, some paint will peel off. Whether you have to re-attach your door in front of your room, painter’s tape will protect your freshly painted solid timber doors Sydney from damaging during the re-attachment process.


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