There is no such thing as a bad moment to eat instant noodles. Sure, it is the perfect dinner when you are an impoverished college student or hungry and lazy at 2 a.m., but the gleaming, crinkly packages have always spoken to me, regardless of the hour or my age. The popularity of instant ramen stems from its simplicity of preparation and the unexpectedly delicious results that may be achieved with only a single packet or two of powder. Satisfy your ramen cravings with the best instant noodles in Singapore. Visit the best Ashui to get delicious instant noodles in Singapore.


  • Mama – Creamy Tom 

Yum Mama is among the best instant noodle brand. In Thailand, it is uncommon to eat Mama Noodles; they are occasionally removed from the box and reinvented into a different dish. Even though all of the tastes are nostalgic and wonderful, the ideal is the Creamy Tom Yum. It is spicy, a little thicker than usual Mama soup owing to powdered coconut cream, and herbaceous because of makrut lime, lemongrass, and dried chillies.


  • Nongshim – Shin Ramen

Shin Ramen is spicy enough to make my nose run a little and profoundly delicious in each mouthful for those who haven’t had the pleasure. Each box contains dried carrot, mushroom, green onion, and chilli flakes slices that bloom in hot water while the noodles are bouncy and chewy.


  • Indomie – Mi Goreng

 Mi Goreng is a dry fried noodle that originates in Indonesia and is widespread across Malaysia and Singapore. Sure, it does not change the fact that they’re salty, but a lady may pretend. 


  • One Culture Foods – Tawainese Beef Noodle Soup

Despite coming from a ready-to-make cup, One Culture’s Taiwanese beef instant noodle soup is surprisingly complex. It all comes down to the brand’s beef bone broth concentrate and the thoughtfully crafted seasoning packet, quite literally. The aroma of star anise and caramelized onions fills the room, and while the noodles are not as fried and gnarled as most instant noodles, they’re still satisfyingly chewy.


  • Paldo – Jjajangmen

While some black bean instant noodles come with a power pack, Paldo’s jajangmyeon is a Korean-style black bean noodle that comes with a saucy, liquid black bean sauce that coats all noodles. The sauce is subtly sweet, sticky, and rich and the packs are large and hearty.


  • Masala – Maggi

The enticing aromas of cardamom, coriander, clove, nutmeg, fenugreek, cumin, and other essential spices are present in these tangles of noodles, which can be served in varying levels of soupy consistency depending on one’s preference.


  • Soy Sauce Maruchan Gold

For far too long, people have criticized instant ramen, classifying it as bland or overly simple. However, they have not tried Maruchan Gold’s soy sauce-flavoured instant ramen, which is evocative of Tokyo’s ramen stalls where a warm bowl of ramen can be enjoyed with the press of a button and a handful of yen.


  • Prima Taste – Singapore Curry La Mian

If you like curry soups, these curry-flavoured noodles from Singaporean company Prima Taste are a must-try. The noodles themselves are chewy and springy, but the curry soup base is well-seasoned and fragrant. It has a creamy coconut taste with a hint of sweetness, and it’s halal approved.


  • Myojo Ippei – Yakisoba with Mayonnaise

This yakisoba takes less than five minutes to prepare yet is oh-so-rich and delicious. The wheat flour instant noodles are sticky, but the sauce, when combined with a package of creamy mayonnaise, wonderfully covers each strand. This is a fantastic choice if you are searching for dry noodles rather than soup. If you want to make it more filling, add slivers of bacon, cabbage, and pickled ginger.


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