It’s the cheapest, fastest, and strongest screw foundation system on the market today. No longer are screw piles limited in their structural integrity by the usage of the classic helical and multi-fin cast helix employed in the piling contractor Sydney industry.


Plates and design:


Helix plates at the bottom of screw piles carry building loads from the shaft (usually CHS section, 76 mm dia–273mm dia). Each member’s dimensions and thickness are precisely calculated by engineers of piling contractor Sydney to accommodate all of the project’s intended design loads and geotechnical conditions.


  • Thinner products:


The helical plate of piling contractor Sydney screw piles has limited structural strength and capacity because the multi-steel plates/fins that are welded to the shaft are substantially thinner than our product and are thus not comparable to our product in any way. Essentially, this means that when the load is passed to the shaft, it will continue to go around and around in 2-3 helical thin plates until it comes to rest on the last one. 


Heavy-duty helix plates:


The piling contractor Sydney product, in contrast to other contractors’ products, is comprised of a single thick and heavy-duty helix plate/fin rather than a mix of many fins/helical plates. Our helical plates are available in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 8 mm to 36 mm.


  • Engineered, tested, and certified


The piling contractor Sydney product when it comes to engineers, we are confident in our approach and suggestions since we have an Engineered Certificate that backs and guarantees our work under the Australian standard. Engineers, developers, builders, and homeowners can rely on APE Piles since they are compliant with the Australian Standard: AS 2159 – Section 8.


Bored piles:


This kind of construction is employed by piling contractor Sydney when the ground is regarded as fair to good, i.e. no danger of shallow water table, soils that have been compacted together, and spoil removal is not an issue that has to be removed. Bored Piles are more likely to minimize foundation settlement if bored into rock conditions. 


Bored piling services in Sydney and the surrounding region are provided by Australian Bored Piling professionals. In high-strength rock, we can drill up to 30 meters deep with a variety of our track-mounted drilling rigs and excavators.

  • Steel reinforced cages:


After drilling with circular augers and cleaning, concrete and steel reinforced cages are poured into the boreholes of the piles. A wide variety of drilling instruments, including soil augers and rock augers, as well as core barrels and clean-out buckets of piling contractor Sydney, are used to excavate the soil and rock, which vary in diameter from 200mm to 1200mm. 


During the pile’s building, we may use a variety of strategies to support its walls and sides. Ground conditions, such as soft soil, hard clay, or rock strata, the amount of groundwater, and environmental limits, are all taken into consideration when selecting a drilling method. When a drilled hole needs a steel liner or casing, either permanent or temporary, to keep it and we employ it.


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