With the advent of modern tools in building material development, manufacturers started coming up with many new tiles. They developed products as per the needs and changing preferences of their customers. Earlier, a particular trend used to last for a long time because of a lack of connectivity and social resources. 

Now the dynamic is completely different. Now the trends are changing every day, every moment. One of the results of these changing trends in the tile segment is the large format terrazzo tile. These tiles were developed to target those consumers who want to develop a complete modern house for themselves. 

Terrazzo floors became popular in the past 8-10 years because of the unique patterns you can customise and the shiny surface of these tiles. Another benefit is that these tiles are easy to produce thus have a lower cost. Therefore it attracts a lot of customers. 

The Concept 

Terrazzo flooring is manufactured using composite material. The main composition of these tiles is the variety of mixture of aggregate chips. These aggregate chips are made of stone or marble. Apart from stones or marble chips, these tiles are also made using concrete and resin chips. 

Earlier, these tiles were mainly used in commercial spaces like offices. These tiles have a very good shine, and the developers thought of these tiles to be a good option for commercial properties. There is a certain attractiveness to the large format terrazzo tile when used for office spaces. Earlier, when there were only a few manufacturers of these tiles, they were known to be a certain status symbol. 

But now, these tiles are popular for outdoor as well as indoor settings. These tiles are mainly used as home flooring now. The new trends in the market show that these tiles are also used for backsplashes and countertops. The best part is that these tiles can be completely customised. The colour/chip combination is completely dependent on the house owner’s choice. 

A Boon For Hygiene 

These tiles can be easily cleaned. All you need to do is use a wet cloth or a mop to remove the stain. You would also notice that these tiles will not lose their shine as time passes. Other materials start losing their shine as they are cleaned more often using the chemicals. These surfaces will never lose their lustre and attractiveness. 

A Thing To Keep In Mind 

These large format terrazzo tiles should be used only in those settings where there is no heavy wear and tear. One of the main reasons is that these tiles are highly sophisticated and modern. They are made using a fragile and light material thus are prone to a bit of damage. You need to know as a consumer that these tiles give a perfect look to your house and reflect the true modern culture; thus, a bit of compromise in terms of durability is acceptable. 


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