The innovation in the markets is the hybrid floors. The hybrid floor is scratch-resistant and waterproof. Hybrid flooring is a kind of floating floor that reduces the preparation cost. Hybrid flooring in Caringbah is a revolutionary product in the markets. It is a man-made floor with a mix of vinyl and laminate flooring. The hybrid floor provides durability and sturdiness while lasting for many years at a single stretch. 

Benefits Of Using Hybrid Floors

  • Very stylish and affordable

The hybrid floor has a print layer to it providing flexibility in choosing the floor designs. The print layers offer a smooth and polished finish. This provides an edge over all other kinds of flooring. Hybrid floors are best when looking to envision and enhance the look of the homes. 

Hybrid floors are naturally installed as floating floors. These are installed over the existing floor. Likewise, this kind of flooring is used in rental homes to change the feel of the houses. The floating floors help to reduce the cost of preparation without using expensive adhesive tapes. 

  • The floors are 100% waterproof

The hybrid floors have a hard coat with a PVC-infused core making them 100% waterproof. Further, these are good options for all areas of homes even in high moisture places like kitchens. 

  • Highly durable

People in Caringbah prefer hybrid floors since it is durable with its protective hard coat. The hybrid floors can withstand 2 decades of wear and tear without getting damaged. Secondly, since these floors are waterproof, they can be installed anywhere in the houses. Floorboards are used to fill the floor gaps. 

There is no requirement for daily cleaning of these floors but take care that dirt doesn’t get inside the floors. Since they are waterproof, they can be wet mopped also. 

  • Comfortable to walk and maintain colour over time

Hybrid floors come with UV protection layers to protect against UV damage from the sun. The stylish looks will continue for many years. The floors provide excellent thermal protection while supporting the feet when walking. It makes the hybrid floors suitable in the kitchens as the feet will not get sore compared to tiles. 

What Is The Thickness Of Hybrid Flooring?

Hybrid floors are about 6.5mm to 8.5mm in thickness depending on the models chosen by homeowners. Likewise, the laminates come at a thickness of 8, 10, 12, and 14mm. The hybrid floors are still sturdy making use of a stiff board with the infusion of plastic and recycled wood. 

Do Hybrid Floors Need Underlay?

The hybrid floors in Caringbah come with a pre-attached underlay so there is no need to add more. Moreover, for those not coming with the underlay, it’s simple to lay beneath the floors. For reducing the noise of floors, the additional acoustic layer can be added to the top of hybrid floors. 


Hybrid floors are the newest inventions available in the markets. It is a combination of flexibility and rigidity along with waterproof features of vinyl flooring. Install hybrid floors to take homes to the whole next level!


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