Your time, effort and money can be wasted in building your dream house if there is no concrete idea of the house and map in mind. Although many professional home extension builders provide designs outside and inside the house, it is important to know what your needs are and which of them will meet your needs.

Colour, artistry and elegance is found in every house, whether it is in a small town or a modern apartment located in the skyscrapers of the cities. The décor of the houses is usually inspired by our rich traditional decor because most of the time we prefer colours. However, over time people have developed skills and expertise to integrate modernity with tradition. There are many professional Home extensions in Baulkham Hills where you will get all these services under one roof. Professional interior designers work hard to add modern decor with innovative and inspiring design ideas for an effective and elegant house extension.

  • You can think that if you decorate a small house in a big way, then you are limited to white or light neutrals.
  • If you have the right lighting and accessories then almost any colour paint can work in a small house.
  • To use a dark colour in a small space is a mystery as to how you would use that colour. The right dark colour can work best as a metal, a stencil, or as an accent.
  • Painting techniques such as stripping or colour blocking are also an option to use colour to extend a small home.
  • Larger horizontal stripes can widen or extend the room, and especially use colours that are similar.
  • Bold and contrasting colours are daring for a small space.

Convertible apartment
It is a variable layout with the main purpose being that you can use its rooms for any purpose. The entrance to the house takes you to a social area that includes a dining and living room. The second half of the house has a small restroom with a kitchen. From this configuration, it seems that even a small house seems to have changed to a house extension.

Decoration of public areas
If you are looking for ideas to make public areas of the house attractive instead of just changing the whole house then this plan may be ideal for you. It insists on changing the kitchen, living area and main entrance of the small square house. With such a change, your small house starts giving a feel of a big house.

Two bedrooms with balcony
This style is highly recommended if you are looking for a home extension on the second floor. The house must have a master bedroom with a children’s room followed by a spacious dining area, with an outdoor balcony which can accommodate seating arrangement. This kind of adjustment gives a small house a spacious look.

Two bedrooms with a small terrace
There is another single floor plan for the two-bedroom house but includes a terrace. The left side of such a house has a bedroom and a bathroom, and in the centre of the tall configuration is the kitchen, the dining area and the social area. The best part of this type of home extension is its small square roof in which attractive outdoor seating can be made by placing chairs, tables and pots.

By storing the empty area below the stairs, it looks like a dark well, so here a fountain, shelf between the adorned walls and colourful artificial light and smooth staircase going over the plants will attract you again and again. This kind of area gives you more space and it makes a huge contribution to a house extension.

English letter ‘G’ shaped house
The ‘G’ shaped two-bedroom house allows incorporating all the features of the modern decor. It has a small and spacious bedroom as well as an open part kitchen, dining area and living room. This type of apartment can be easily converted over a large area.

Fresh colours are usually the best choice for a laundry room. Even if there is no designated laundry room in your small house, you can brighten your laundry area.

Look for the best and specialist home extension builders in Baulkham hills which can surely give your home a new look keeping in mind space and other amenities.


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