Everyone is in search of a concrete driveway that looks great and lasts long. Nowadays, with the growth of popularity in concrete driveway paving, it is considered a standard for people of Sydney who are looking for a reputable contractor to carry out such work. You must, however, keep your expectations and needs in mind so you can be sure you will get what you are looking for.

Therefore, this guide will help you to make a concrete driveway that is beautiful and easy to maintain as we are going to make you understand how to paint a concrete driveway to get you the best-looking driveway with paint in Sydney in minutes.

  • Clean The Driveway: 

The driveway surface should be swept and cleaned beforehand to remove any loose debris and dust. Be sure to sweep the driveway heavily as you will make use of a thick coat of paint.

  • Tack On Primer: 

For best results, apply a coat of primer or undercoat before applying a top coat of paint. This is because the topcoat will not stick on smoothly if it comes into contact with another layer. Therefore, it is important to use a brush or roller to apply primer so that the entire driveway is thoroughly covered.

  • Mask Off The Areas: 

It is good that you prepare all the areas and areas that you want to paint before you start applying a primer coat. Masking off items will help so that you can apply primer without disturbing other areas. Masking from the sides of your driveway like hoods and ramps is very important to ensure the primer does not fall on them.

  • Thin The Paint: 

It is important to thin the paint around 10% as it will help you to apply a nice coat of paint. The paint should be thin enough to allow a brush or roller to pass through. You can use kerosene, thinner, mineral spirits, or turpentine for thinning the primer. This will help in even application as the paint will not be too thick.

  • Apply Paint Thoroughly on Driveway: 

After applying a light coat of primer, you can now start applying the desired colour of paint. You should apply a thick coat of paint but only one or two inches in thickness as you will need to apply multiple coats for better results. Use a roller or brush to cover the driveway smoothly. After painting the driveway, let it dry for about 8 hours before traffic drives over it.

It is equally important to cure the paint after applying it for about a week. You need to ensure that the primer does not get moist so that it will last longer. Use a wire brush to scrub the driveway after one week to remove any dirt that may have adhered to areas you have masked off. After which, you can apply another coat of primer and another coat of paint or sealer as desired.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this article and are now confident when it comes to painting a concrete driveway. To get the best results, ensure that you regularly clean your driveway to prevent cracks and damage in the long run.

You can find many contractors in Sydney, but it is important to get the right contractor.


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