Stormwater can create a disaster all around your property. There are times when it rains constantly for days and creates a mess around. If you don’t know you have a concrete stormwater pit installed at your place, things can turn really bad for you. But it’s not just about installing a pit. The stormwater drainage system needs to be taken care of in its entirety. Here are some of the things that you can do to maintain the system along with the concrete stormwater pit: 

Get Rid Of Blocked Gutters 

Have you created various channels through which the stormwater can pass? You also have to maintain it over some time. Once the concrete stormwater pit fills up, the water is going to flow outside and go through these channels. If there are blocked gutters somewhere in the middle, the water is going to burst out and run through your property. It will defeat the idea of having a concrete stormwater pit in the first place. So you should get rid of blocked gutters if there are any at your place. 

Get Rid Of Clogs 

Apart from getting rid of blocked gutters, you need to take care of the concrete stormwater pit regularly too. You should see if it’s clogging up or not. Rainwater can accumulate all kinds of dirt and dust particles in the pit. The pit might lose its strength over some time if the clog is not removed from time to time. So whenever it rains heavily, you need to check on the pit once it stops. Once the water flows out of the pit, you need to clean the pit properly. It won’t be required regularly, you have to do it a couple of times during the rainy season. 

Get Rid Of Standing Water Around Your Property 

Is there standing water around your property? You either need to put it to use or get rid of it altogether. You probably won’t mind the water for the longest, until the stormwater creates havoc all around. It can disrupt your stormwater drainage system entirely, so much so that you will have to build another system once the damages take place. If you don’t want to build the concrete stormwater pit once again, you should get rid of standing water around your property too. 

Keep A Check On Drain Gates 

If you have built an efficient stormwater drainage system, you might have installed drain gates too. It is about taking all kinds of safety measures and drain gates are one of them. You will have to install metal gates to build a strong system. But over some time, they might get rusty. You have to ensure that the rust doesn’t impact the drainage system to a great extent. So keep a regular check on it so that you don’t find yourself in trouble later. 

As you can see, building a strong concrete stormwater pit won’t be enough. You will have to build an entire system to keep things safe around your property. Keep these things in mind and we are sure that you can maintain your drainage system properly!


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