Timber flooring is a great choice for any home, as it adds elegance and style to the environment. However choosing the right timber flooring installer is just as important as selecting the right type of wood. The wrong installer can leave you with an expensive installation that doesn’t look quite like what you expected or, worse yet, isn’t properly installed and causes damage to your home. Here are some tips on how to choose the right timber flooring installer for your home:

Research Various Installers 

The first step when looking for a timber flooring installer is researching different installers in your area and getting quotes from them. Make sure you get at least three quotes to compare prices and services offered. This will help ensure you get the best price possible without sacrificing quality workmanship or materials used in the installation process. Additionally, be sure to do background research on each company before making a final decision – read reviews online, ask friends/neighbours who had their floors installed by any of these companies, etc., so there won’t be any surprises later down the line. 

Inspect Their Previous Work 

Once you have narrowed down your list of prospective installers, inspect their previous work to see if they have done similar jobs in other homes previously (this information should usually be included within their quote). Ask questions such as whether they followed industry standards during installation; did they use proper tools; whether there were any problems during installation; whether everything was completed correctly etc. so that there won’t be any issues further down the line when it comes time for inspection post-installation completion date.  

Look For Experience & Certifications 

Another factor that should not be overlooked when looking for a reliable timber flooring installer is experience – How long has this particular company been installing wooden floors? Are they certified professionals through recognized governing bodies (such as The National Wood Floor Association)? These factors are essential because experienced professionals know exactly how much time and effort needs to go into laying out wooden planks perfectly and ensuring flawless transition between rooms while also paying attention to small details such as expansion gaps around radiators and skirting boards etc., which makes all difference in terms of overall finish quality-wise! Experienced installers also know where potential problem areas may occur due to lack of support underneath – something which novice DIY enthusiasts might overlook completely!   

Check Insurance & Warranty Details  

Finally, read the warranty and insurance policies offered by the timber flooring installer of your choice – Are there any hidden costs? What type of guarantee is provided in case something goes wrong during the installation or the post-installation period? Also, check if they offer any additional services, such as sanding/staining etc., so that you don’t have to pay extra for things that could have been included within the basic package. 

In conclusion, choosing the right timber flooring installer for your home can be a difficult task; however, with proper research and background checks on prospective installers, you will have a much better chance of finding reliable professionals who can provide quality workmanship and materials while also ensuring that everything is done according to industry standards. Moreover, always inspect previous works done by these companies before making a final decision – this way, you won’t be stuck with an expensive installation that doesn’t look quite like what was promised!


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