Any repair begins with the selection of building supplies. It is difficult but extremely important to make the right choice among the assortment offered on the construction market. Indeed, the final result of the repair mainly depends on the materials used. What should you focus on when choosing building supplies? Give preference only to high-quality materials, and pay attention to technical characteristics and safety. The materials used for interior decoration of premises should not contain toxic and harmful substances so as not to create an atmosphere unfavourable to health.


It is only natural that good building materials will not be cheap. But at the same time, it is not at all necessary to take the most expensive. The high price does not always guarantee the best quality; most likely, you will overpay for a well-known name.


How to Determine the Quality of Building Supplies?


Building materials have a number of indicators by which their quality is determined:


  • Durability – Probably one of the key indicators is the ability of materials to maintain a working condition during the longest service life. It depends on him how often you will make repairs. Of course, more durable materials are more expensive but add to the savings the amount spent on the new team of builders and related materials, and you will see that it is better to make repairs a little more expensive but less often. 


  • Frost resistance– this is not the number of years that the material will last, as many people think. The frost resistance indicator is the number of freezing and thawing cycles that it will withstand. Such a parameter in construction is one of the main ones since the longevity of many materials is determined by the indicator of boundary temperatures.


  • Reliability– a term associated with durability, means the property of a material to maintain its performance in certain environmental conditions without interruptions for repairs. 


  • Maintainability– the ability of a material or product to recover to its original state. For the maintainability indicator, the time of the probable repair and the effort expended on this matter.


What are the Common Mistakes Most Inexperienced Customers Make?


Here are some of the most common mistakes most inexperienced customers make while buying building supplies


  • Wrong choice of insulation. Expanded polystyrene is very popular among heaters. This phenomenon is due to the relatively low price among competing materials. 


  • When choosing cladding facade materials, you should take into account the peculiarity of your walls because if you plan natural stone cladding on weak walls, they will collapse.


  • Foundation waterproofing is another item that is often overlooked. But it depends on the quality of waterproofing and how long your house will last.  


In conclusion, these simple rules will help you keep your finger on the pulse when choosing building supplies. Some of the fundamental rules include choosing materials only from authorized dealers, purchasing certified products, taking into account the materials and the conditions of installation of materials.



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