The choice of tiles in the bathroom is quite an important event in the renovation process. Choosing gorgeous feature wall tiles on your own is not an easy task because you need to meet many conditions so that the finished version will please you with its beauty, practicality, and durability.

Before going to the store to buy unique feature wall tiles, decide which type you want and what more pleasant material. In this article, we will go through every aspect.

Criteria for choosing tiles in the bathroom

Know about various feature wall tiles to choose from:

The Material

Ceramic tiles – 

Ceramic tiles are the best option for bathrooms as ceramic is moisture resistant. It’s easy to set up and maintain.

Glass tiles – 

Glass is slightly more expensive than ceramics while not inferior in its properties. It can be used as a single-facing material or with ceramics.

Stone tiles – 

If you want a more natural feel, opt for stone tiles but remember that most stone tiles are not waterproof and must be well sealed to last. Stone tile is one of the more expensive options, like marble tile, which adds luxury to space but is also high maintenance as it can crack, stain, and scratch easily.

Porcelain tile- 

It is also an expensive option but generally provides trouble-free performance, making porcelain tile one of today’s most popular options. Its dense and hard surface absorbs very little water, making it ideal for bathroom flooring. However, the installation is not the easiest, so leave it to the professionals.

Type of tile surface

Glossy tiles – 

It attracts buyers with its ability to reflect light and ease of care. But here, you should be extremely careful. If the glossy tile of light shades gives an almost imperceptible glare, then the dark one glares intensely; this can irritate the eyesight. 

Matte tiles- 

The flat surface is calmer and does not reflect light, but traces of splashes on it are more clearly visible. The material is great for the floor, as it has a slightly rough surface.

Mirror tiles – 

You can visually increase space with these tiles. You can lay mirror tiles diagonally on the floor or on the walls to create more depth in the area. In addition, such tiles are used today to decorate the ceiling to make the room taller visually.

Colour matching

feature wall tiles

feature wall tiles

The colour choice of bathroom feature wall tiles depends not only on your preferences but also on what effect you want to get. Choosing cool hues, such as blues or greens, will create a feeling of cool freshness.


Choosing suitable feature wall tiles for the bathroom is a responsible task that they must approach with special attention. Considering many factors, from appearance and size to performance characteristics and the manufacturer’s name. Then the material will delight you with its ideal appearance for many years. We hope the tips above will help you make the right choice.


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