A bathroom renovation is an exciting task. But before rushing to select the latest tile or bathtub design, there are some less exciting things to consider, so your assignment turns out just the way you dream it. Because renovating a restroom can be daunting, time-consuming and pricey, we prepared a simple 15-point checklist to confirm that your task stays on track and the renovation runs smoothly.

If you’re planning on getting bathroom renovations in Castle Hill or anywhere in Australia, here’s how you can be ready to bring the desired changes in your life, 


If you don’t know already, you should estimate how much you want to spend on your bathroom renovation. Setting an estimate will help you decide what to include in the renovation. Once you’ve gathered what you can pay and deducted the amount allocated to labour, you will better understand how much you can spend on tile, fixtures, and other supplements.


Many people consider that if they remodel a small bathroom, it will only take a few days or much less time than a larger one. It is not necessarily the truth. Based on items you are remodelling in the bathroom, your contractor will undergo the same process as a larger bathroom. However, planning helps define the duration of the renovation works and specific medium steps such as ordering and buying tiles, fixtures, custom-built vanity or cabinets to ensure they can be delivered when your contractor requires them. A planning schedule is also crucial for those with only one bathroom in their residence as they will have to make placements where to shower and use the toilet while the bathroom is taken apart.


Three significant restrictions make size vital in bathroom renovation: the overall size of the bathroom, the location of existing plumbing lines and electrical wiring and the ordinary standard proportions of bathroom fixtures. Therefore make sure you have the correct measures and details when you go to the dealer. More tiresome than trying to shop without measurements is to purchase stuff that doesn’t fit.


Is it hiring a contract for a conceivably DIY job? Well, yes, that is an intelligent thing to do given the complexity of the job and complicated operations involved (electrical, tiling, plumbing, etc.). Hence do not overlook the benefits of hiring a contractor and save yourself a burden of misery and time.

Cabinets, storage and shelving

In most cases, planning cabinets, shelving and storing solutions are tricky. It is even more so in small, irregular-shaped rooms like the bathroom. They need to be operational and acclimate all your stuff while keeping everything easily reachable, they must match into the available space and make the most of it, and on top of it all, they need to look stylish.

Walls and flooring

Virtually any element can be used to surface walls and floors in the bathroom as long as it’s waterproof, either naturally or employing a waterproof finish. Ceramics, marble, and granite tiles make attractive and highly durable flooring and wall textures for baths, depending on your budget and style. Additional alternatives may include cement (painted or stained), sheet vinyl or faux tiles, which look reasonable and better than used for flooring. Whatever your preference, always mind another key criterion for choosing your bathroom flooring: durability and slip-resistance. Consider details regarding lighting, accessories and ventilation as well. 

Going green

Even if you don’t care about going green one way or the other, the market is trending toward this, so it’s something to believe. And there are numerous budget-friendly options for adding a green tinge to your lavatory: a low flow toilet that requires less water and saves dollars in water bills. 

Final clean

The final clean must include a thorough cleaning of all cabinetry, inside and out, ductwork, walls, base, windows, and light fixtures. Although often overlooked in the scheduling phase, in the case of a substantial renovation, you may want to consider hiring cleaning assistance which means additive fees that influence your budget. If you must do it yourself, you may need to add a day or two to your initial timing.

To conclude, once you start planning as mentioned above for bathroom renovations in Castle Hill or anywhere else in Australia, be sure to arrange everything neatly and execute effectively. 


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