Queanbeyan is one of those places in Australia that gets a good amount of sunlight almost all through the year. This makes it one of those perfect places for harnessing the power of the sun and generating electricity. Many in Queanbeyan are already doing that. How about you? Solar panels installation in Queanbeyan is not an easy process. It has its own share of issues and hassles.

If you still haven’t thought about it, then it’s time you did and get a solar panel installed on your rooftop. 

Installing solar panels in Queanbeyan will allow you to:

  • Avail of the subsidies offered by the Federal Government in the form of STC ‘rebate’.  When it’s availed, you get what is called STCs (Small-Scale Technology Certificates). On installing a solar panel system on your rooftop, you gain access to a certain amount of STCs, created on the basis of your solar installation’s size and location. Each STC has a monetary value, and when they are put together, the certificates total value will be comparable to the solar rebate value.  The application process for the rebate will be handled by your chosen solar panels Queanbeyan who will let you enjoy the rebate value in the form of a discount at the time of solar panel sale. 
  • Save considerably on electricity bills. By cutting down electricity purchases from the grid, you can bring down your electricity bill by almost 90%. You will have your own source of electricity and you can consume as much as you want. In case, you are left with surplus power after that, you can export it to the grid. When you do that, you can earn a certain amount from your electricity retailer; how much of it you can earn can be seen on your retailer’s website. 
  • Curb electricity losses. Rooftop solar panels generally receive copious amounts of solar energy during the day, especially mid-day. Proper rooftop location will further ensure greater electricity efficiency while reducing to a considerable extent, energy losses. 
  • Get the benefit of more secure grid security.  Unlike conventional electricity, you’re less likely to face power interruptions or blackouts, even during occurrences of natural disasters, with solar energy.  
  • Consume clean and green energy. Solar energy is one of the cleanest and greenest sources of energy. It harnesses natural energy from the Sun and turns it into electrical energy which is clean with not a trace of greenhouse gases. 
  • Contribute to a clean environment. With solar energy, you reduce your carbon footprint thereby lowering pollution levels, and helping combat climate change effects. 
  • Eliminate noise pollution. Solar panels unlike generators do not cause noise nor create disturbances, for they can run without needing to make noises. Solar panel installation is also a quiet process 

Finally, if you buy the best solar panels from Queanbeyan from the best solar installers in Sydney, you could also get handsome deals on solar panel system purchase and installation.

Finding The Right Solar Installers in Sydney:

The best solar installers in Sydney will install the solar panel system the right way, which will add value to your home or business and allow you to earn quality returns on your investment. You will also get to see the appropriate solar panel system installed on your rooftop which factors in aspects like roof orientation, location, and space.


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