A nice shower is important, but good shower screens in Penrith are even more crucial, especially if you have a shower bath and don’t want to use a shower curtain. Curtains can be more difficult to keep clean, frequently lead to mould and mildew in your bathroom, and sometimes just look ugly and out of date.

Using bath shower screens will keep your bathroom splash-free while you shower. You can learn everything you need to know about bath shower screens from this helpful guide, along with some of our favourites.

What Does a Bath Shower Screen Even Mean?

Bath shower screens are glass panels that prevent water from dripping from your bathtub and shower combination. Bath shower screens are constructed of glass and come in various thicknesses. They are often attached to the wall using a form of hinge mechanism. They provide a simple, effective replacement for shower curtains.

What Kinds of Screens Are There?

  • Single-panel screens: Singlepane glass is typically used to create these screens, which may be moved using a hinge. These are the most popular options since they offer a simple, fuss-free shape without many crevices for dirt to collect in. Additionally, many single panels have a frameless construction for the most minimalistic look.
  • Double Panel Bifold Screens: Featuring a hinge in the middle, these shower screens in Penrith can be opened in a variety of ways, allowing for simple access to your bath. They can function similarly to shower doors, which is fantastic if you don’t have enough room or want a little extra splash protection. They work well in smaller bathrooms if you don’t want a fixed glass panel to obstruct the interior. If you have a longer bathtub, double screens often measure up a little bit longer, which is helpful.

How Do They measure up?

The size of your bathtub and the strength of your shower kit will directly affect the size of the screen you should choose. They typically range in height and width from 1400 to 1500 millimetres and are normally measured in millimetres. If your bath is a little different, shower screens in Penrith are also available in a variety of forms to fit it!

Though they are much heavier, the thicker, tougher shower screens feel more opulent—something to keep in mind if your bathroom is on the top floor! Although they may feel a little flimsier, the thinner ones nevertheless work well and are frequently less expensive.

Are There Serious Aftercare Needs?

Bath shower screens available in Penrith don’t require much upkeep, but they do need to be cleaned frequently to avoid staining. The best way to accomplish this is to wipe clean your bath shower screen after each usage quickly.  Cleaning your bathroom after each use may seem overkill, but it will keep it spotless and keep your shower screen looking new for longer.


Shower screens in Penrith can be found in a wide range of finishes, including chic matt black, classic chrome, and eye-catching brushed brass. The timeless elegance of chrome will transform your bathroom, but why not choose a bolder style like brass or matte black framed? These days, many options for glass shower screens may be purchased with lovely designs to match your bathroom’s taste. For added convenience, some shower screens even incorporate handles, towel racks, or shelves. These items also free up valuable bathroom space.



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