For every house design, tiles are one of the most important factors. Using the tiles on the floor can improve the beauty of the room.

When buying tiles, you must pay extra attention to some factors like the material of the tile, size, colour and so on.

Different houses are unique when it comes to design. Thus, finding the right discount tiles in Sydney is crucial.

Here are the top 5 tips for choosing the best tiles for your home:

Tile Hardness: 

The hardness of the tile is very important and should be your priority when buying tiles. The tile must be able to withstand a human weight and should also be scratch resistant. 

The harder the tile, the longer it will last. Tiles with low hardness are good for wall-only application. If you are buying tiles for your floor, then make sure that it has enough hardness to withstand light to moderate traffic.

You don’t want to have broken tiles appearing every day in your room. Buy discount tiles in Sydney only if they are hard enough to withstand the human weight.

Tile Porosity: 

Another important feature of a tile is tile porosity. It is the ratio of air holes to solids in a tile. This can greatly impact the amount of water it absorbs. Depending on where you want to place the discount tiles in Sydney, tile porosity is an important feature.

If you are planning to use the tiles in the kitchen, then, laundry room or bathroom, you should pay close attention to this rating.

However, if you are planning to use it in rooms where the moisture is less, then you don’t need to worry much about the porosity of the tiles.

Slip Resistance: 

Due to the smooth surface finish of the tiles, they tend to slippery especially when they are wet. If you have children or elderly people in the house, then slippery tiles can lead to accidents.

Thus, be sure to use slippery resistant tiles to prevent accidents, especially in the bathroom where the discount tiles in Sydney are mostly wet. Instead of going for 6×6 tiles, you should buy 4×4 smaller tiles as they offer more resistance to slip as compared to the bigger ones.

Go For Stone Tiles: 

If you want durable and top-quality tiles, then you should go for stone tiles. They are the best in the market and can make any room look royal and beautiful.

Stone tiles are made from granite, marble or travertine which give that natural look to your room. Stone tiles with a size of 12×12 are the best as they can give that seamless look.

Custom Design Tiles: 

If you have more budget and want to have a unique look, then you should consider going for custom design tiles. You will have full control of the material, size, colour and hardness of the tiles.

This way you can create unique looking discount tiles in Sydney that can make your room look modern and beautiful.


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