In-home décor rugs are the embodiment of luxury. This rug has long been used to cover the floor and accentuate the luxury of the room. Years of expertise, physical labour, and the utmost care have created these handmade marvels. With the right rugs, your house will feel more comfortable. The living room, bedroom, and kitchen all benefit from rugs. It is a treat for your feet in addition to being beautiful, especially in the winter and during the rain. The rugs are works of art that the skilled craftspeople that created them so eloquently created from the wackiest imaginations. In Rug Store St Ives, you will have a lot of opportunities to experiment, regardless of the size, material, shape, colour, technique, texture, or design.

Wool rugs

Rugs made of wool are an excellent way to soften and relax your space. Due to its stain- and water-repellent properties, this rug is suitable for dining and living rooms. Furthermore, you can go barefoot on it. Wool rugs are sturdy and will last for a while, often 20 to 30 years on average. Remember that the lifespan of your rug will vary depending on how well you care for it. Buy wool rugs from the Rug store St Ives which can withstand stains, dust, and water damage because they readily absorb most things. Due to its insulating qualities, wool is also flame-resistant. Finally, you will have various colour choices since wool can be dyed.

Cotton rugs 

In kitchens, bedrooms, dining areas, and hallways, cotton rugs are fantastic. Cotton rugs from Rug store St Ives are the most adaptable, available in wide varieties, weaves, hues, and patterns. Because these are the least expensive rugs available, you can quickly and affordably change the appearance of any room. If you are looking for a carpet that requires no upkeep and is simple to clean, cotton rugs are another helpful alternative. They can be washed in the machine and only need a standard Hoover. Your cotton rug may last for many years, but it will lose its appearance much more quickly than a rug made of a more elastic material, like wool.

Silk rugs

Silk carpets offer an opulent appearance but require more upkeep than alternatives like wool and synthetic materials. However, because silk can take in a variety of hues, it may be dyed and woven into a vast range of intricate rug patterns. A high-traffic area like the living room or the kitchen should differ from where you put your silk carpets because of the delicate material’s potential to disclose imprints over time. Silk rugs should not be exposed to direct sunlight by homeowners to prevent fading. Use a cleaner intended for silk rugs if you spill something on this rug, or get your carpet cleaned by a professional.

Acrylic rugs

Wool’s qualities are also present in the synthetic counterpart known as acrylic. Acrylic rugs closely mimic wool rugs in appearance and feel. Their key benefit is that, unlike other synthetic materials, they do not trigger allergies and essentially do not build up static electricity. Such a rug can be placed in the bathroom because of its good resistance to moisture and mould. Its reduced resistance to wear is the only downside.

Closing thoughts

It is essential to understand the varieties of carpets before purchasing any. Purchase high-quality handmade rugs online from Rug store St Ives for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, and more.







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