Do you want to buy a house in a place where you don’t have many connections? If you try to crack the deal on your own, it will consume a lot of your time. Even after putting in so much effort, there’s no surety that you will be able to crack the best deal. So what can you do otherwise? You need to hire a real estate agent in Raby to get the job done effortlessly. Before you hire an agent, you need to get introduced to the world of real estate. There are various types of agents in the marketplace coming with distinct features. We will discuss them one by one here: 

Listing Agent 

This type of real estate agent is also referred to as the seller’s agent. As the name suggests, these agents are meant to work for the selling party. If you need to sell your home, you need to come in contact with a listing agent. For a seller, it is about creating an effective marketing plan to sell your house. The listing agent will design this marketing plan for you. He will price homes based on a comparative market analysis of homes sold in the area with similar features. He will also connect sellers with contractors and professional contacts in Raby. So if you need to sell your house, you need to hire a listing real estate agent in your area. 

Buying Agent 

It is the exact opposite of a selling agent. If you need to buy a house in Raby, you will have to find a buying agent in your area. It’s a competitive market and buying a house for an economical price can be difficult. When many buyers are fighting it out to buy one house, things can escalate even further. You need to win the bidding wars to be ahead of the competition. If you come in touch with a buyer real estate agent, you will get the needed advantage. The purpose of a buyer’s agent is to cooperate with the listing agent. He will find the most suited property for you, whether it be on the market or off-market.  

Designated Agent 

It is a professional who works at an agency that represents both the buyer and the seller in a property sales transaction. The agency is going to assign one designated agent each for the buying as well as the selling party. So many agents are going to provide the best price for both the selling as well as buying parties. These real estate agents are a part of a dual agency, working neutrally for both kinds of clients. 

Dual Agent 

If a real estate agent works for the buyer as well as the selling party, he’s referred to as a dual agent. Transaction brokers might represent both parties but not in a fiduciary capacity.  These agents are not available universally because certain governments don’t consider them legal. 

These are the four major types of real estate agents you’re going to find in Raby. What are your real estate needs? You can pick on an agent based on your needs!


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