Taps are an underrated accent feature that can add to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchens. A well-functioning tap is a requisite part of one’s kitchen; given that it is probably one of the most frequently utilised tools, it must be of top quality.

You’ll be surprised to find the number of options that are available in the market when it comes to kitchen taps in Sydney. Diversity can be found in every aspect from material to finish to size to water pressure; there is no bar. To can consider the various elements these cater to and a suitable choice that meets your needs.

kitchen taps sydney

kitchen taps sydney

Specific Factors To Consider When You Buy Kitchen Taps In Sydney:

  1. The primary feature of a kitchen tap should always be its function. It is important to prioritise practicality before anything else to ensure that your tap will serve you adequately for a considerable time. You could choose from various functionality features, such as one with a detachable nozzle head that comes with a flexible hose to steer the water to wash vegetables, fruits or dishes accordingly. Other varieties include wall-mounted or top-mounted taps; as the name suggests, these are affixed on the walls and can dispense water directly from its protruding nozzle. These are ideal if your walls are fitted with tiles but should be avoided in the case of a glass sheet, panelled or window walls.


  1. In terms of function, another aspect to consider is the type of water you want the tap to disperse; this alludes to the temperature. These kitchen taps in Sydney are referred to as mixers wherein they have the capacity to provide hot and cold water alike from a single tap head that would be operated to differentiate with a lever function. These are ideal for households with children and those with reduced dexterity. Nowadays, you’ll also find tap varieties that offer three or even four types of water varieties. This includes the typical hot and cold along with filtered cold water or instant boiling water. However, such taps require additional fittings of filter units and hot water tanks to be placed under your sinks. This would incur additional expenses and will need accommodation by your kitchen designer at the time of placement planning.


  1. The tap material and finish that you opt for should synchronise the interior design and aesthetics of your kitchen to enhance visual appeal. This includes coordination with the worktops or brasswares, or cabinets that might have been installed already. For example, if you are going for an industrial or professional appeal, a tap with a black matte finish would be ideal. However, to establish a modern or minimalistic setting, chrome finished taps would work wonders. Further, gold or copper brushed tap finishes will help to uncover an ethnic or classy old-school vibe within your kitchen,


  1. Knowing about the water pressure of your kitchen taps in Sydney is another crucial factor. Your fixtures’ low or high water pressure capacity depends on your boiler and its distance from the tap. Thus, it is essential for the tap to be made with suitable specifications that ensure constant and steady water flow. Employ the expertise of a plumber to get this aspect of kitchen taps right; they can offer you advice on placement and how to boost water pressure in case of a lapse.


The following factors help you make an optimal choice while buying kitchen taps in Sydney to match your kitchen’s interior design requirements optimally.


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