A fly screen for the French door to the terrace or backyard protects you from pesky bugs that are tempted by the smells from your meals or the illumination in your home and then buzz all around the room. Mosquitoes, flies, wasps, moths, and other insects are annoying visitors who can leave stinging bites.

Mostly as we can see, there are buildings with large veranda or patio doors, while on the other, there are homes and apartments with narrower openings and limited capacity. As a result, the fly screen for a French door on a veranda or patio must be customised to the exact situation and the building regulations. Furthermore, when selecting the correct sort of pest protection, you must consider the homeowner’s or tenant’s requirements and preferences. There is a lot of activity to and from some tenants’ balconies or patios because they utilise them extensively.

What are some of the best fly screens for French doors?

Flyscreens for French doors are available in six different types, each with its own set of benefits but all meet the finest quality standards. The various fly screen door alternatives are split into the below categories, which you may fix on the veranda or patio without hammering and are simple to operate:

Sliding door

The sliding door solution for a fly screen door is ideal for individuals who appreciate a huge and imposing pair of French doors, which may be mainly composed of up to 6 components. This has been developed specifically for huge apertures and built to be exceptionally stable and robust.


  • Sliding doors can be installed without drilling and have very little depth while still highly strong.
  • You can convert the door to be foot-controlled as an added feature, enabling automatic opening and closing even while somebody’s hands are busy.
  • The sliding door is operated quietly, thanks to silent running rollers.
  • The sliding door is slowed and stopped over the guide rail by hidden brakes.

Swivel frame

When a rooftop or patio door is regularly used, it requires a fly screen door that is exceptionally sturdy, efficient, and long-lasting. The swivel door is an excellent solution for pest prevention for the French door in this scenario. This is a highly popular style because you can use it on almost any style of veranda or patio door.


  • The mounting depth is minimal, but it offers great consistency.
  • Special brush seals protect against insects and other creepy crawlies.
  • Noise-reducing insulation is used on the kick strip.
  • There is a magnetic closing strip that isn’t noticeable.
  • Simple to use
  • No drilling is required.

Swing door

Swing doors are the appropriate choice for French doors with a fly screen where the veranda or patio is constantly utilised and attended when adolescents are around, pies are prevalent, or outdoor parties are routinely held.


  • Excellent stability and durability are combined with the most up-to-date pivot fittings technology.
  • The 120-degree passing angle makes it easy to open the door without touching it.
  • Adaptable to practically any French door configuration
  • No drilling is required for a quick and child-friendly installation.
  • Closing a swing door safely and without danger of injury
  • Further locking is enabled both inside and out.
  • Installation of a dog or cat flap is a choice.

Pleated blinds, Roller blinds & Electric roller blinds

All 3 of three variations can be bundled into a cassette box when not used. Depending on the situation, you can place this in living spaces or outside. Manually rolling up a roller blind or pleated blind is performed. A remote control or radio are used to run the electrically operated roller.



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