Tips To Choose Beautiful Kitchen Tiles

Tips To Choose Beautiful Kitchen Tiles

There are two rooms in your home which require the use of tiles necessarily, one is your bathroom, and another is your kitchen. When we say necessary, we mean these are the rooms where tiles are most commonly used. It is because using wooden material or simple drywall for both spaces might cause damage early on. The wooden material is not moisture resistant, and since it is costly as well, it would be not very smart to go for this option in your bathroom or kitchen for sure. In the case of your kitchen, you can still use wooden material to come up with all sorts of panels, but you need to install tiles around the space you cook and wash your dishes. You cannot settle for an ordinary choice either, you need to look for beautiful kitchen tiles. Here’s your guide which would help you to be successful regarding the installation of beautiful kitchen tiles.

Decide The Area 

As we have already discussed, kitchens might not require the use of tiles entirely. So your best option is to know which area requires the use of tiles. As far as the walls of a kitchen are concerned, a wooden option would be best if you belong to a cold climate. But there’s no harm to go for tiles around the four walls of your kitchen if you live in a temperate climate. So the first thing is to decide which area should feature beautiful kitchen tiles. Does it go well with the rest of the settings in your kitchen? It’s going to be your call completely, so make sure you pay enough attention. 


Isn’t it obvious? You will have to take care of your budget while deciding to go for beautiful kitchen tiles. After all, beauty doesn’t come cheap and often, the most beautiful kitchen tiles are the most expensive. It’s not easy to come up with this option, but this does not mean beautiful kitchen tiles have to cost a huge amount. When we talk about beautiful kitchen tiles, you also need to go for the best quality. But if it doesn’t fit your budget, is it necessary to go for such an option? Absolutely not, you can settle for something that’s useful even if it does not belong to the highest quality. There are amazing choices available at a moderate level of the budget as well, all you need to do is conduct your research work properly, weighing all the pros and cons. 

More Attention To The Floor 

Do you want to install beautiful kitchen tiles for the floors as well? If yes, then you have to pay more attention to the flooring option. How much foot traffic is there at your home? Does the particular tile option that you have chosen go well with all the foot traffic? Is the maintenance hard, or do the tiles get stained easily? All these questions need to ring in your mind. We have already told you that beautiful kitchen tiles would probably cost you a pretty penny. If you don’t have a nice plan available for your floors, you might regret your decision in the long term. So make sure you contemplate before choosing beautiful kitchen tiles and carefully consider all options. 


You might have an idea to install beautiful kitchen tiles, but it might prove to be a major failure if you don’t execute it successfully. You need to be careful before you choose to install the tiles, make sure you get in touch with a quality organisation for the installation! 

What Are The Frequently Asked Questions During Bathroom Renovations? Read This Blog!

What Are The Frequently Asked Questions During Bathroom Renovations? Read This Blog!

The bathroom is where you start and end your day, a place where you can be quiet and collected before facing the day, as well as unwind after a long day, therefore it’s critical that you make it the right environment for yourself!

When it comes to remodelling a bathroom, on the other hand, it may be a daunting task. When it comes to design, utility, practicality, and the overall appearance of the room, there are several alternatives to consider before bathroom renovations Maroubra project. With so many things to consider, here are the answers to often asked concerns concerning bathroom renovations:

Is A Bathtub Required?

A bathtub should be high on your list of “must-have” bathroom renovations if you love unwinding and soaking away your tension in a good warm bath. Bath time is a must if you have young children. Make your bathroom practical and efficient for your circumstances if you are living in your everlasting home.

If you don’t have access to a bathtub and have small children, a shower with a handheld showerhead is an alternative to explore. If you’re doing bathroom renovations Maroubra for resale, though, a bathtub will appeal to a wider range of purchasers.

What Are The Advantages Of A Freestanding Bath Vs A Built-in Bath?

Freestanding bathtubs are a contemporary bathroom style that provides a luxury touch to a bathroom renovations Maroubra design and are frequently utilised as a show-stopping element. They don’t require wall support and may be installed anywhere in the bathroom.

Built-in bathtubs are frequently paired with showers in smaller bathroom designs to provide both choices in a limited area. A built-in bath’s surrounding ledge is ideal since it provides simple access for youngsters and serves as a convenient ledge for parents bathing toddlers, adds the bathroom renovations Maroubra expert. 

What Are The Advantages Of An Open Shower Vs A Framed Shower?

Open showers are beautiful and generally have a single frameless glass barrier that visually expands the bathroom area. An open shower looks fantastic in any size bathroom makeover, and it’s incredibly convenient to get in and out of.

While framed showers may appear to be outdated, they are now available at bathroom renovations Maroubra stores in a variety of colours, including matte black, which gives the bathroom a more modern feel. When compared to a frameless shower alternative, they are also highly cost-effective.

What’s A Better Choice- A Single Or Double Vanity?

Consider how you presently use your bathroom space while selecting your vanity. What is the available space, and how many individuals are using the restroom?

If your bathroom currently has a single vanity, replacing it with a single vanity makes sense if you’re on a budget. Upgrading to a double vanity necessitates the purchase of additional basin fittings and piping, which adds to the expense. A single vanity also provides greater bench space and allows for additional cupboard space to be used because of plumbing. 

While a double vanity is considered a luxury item in bathroom renovations Maroubra circles, it provides a practical and utilitarian benefit for busy families. A double vanity allows you to use the bathroom with someone else without having to worry about getting in each other’s way. 


Four Must Tip For Choosing Statement Bath And Tapware

Four Must Tip For Choosing Statement Bath And Tapware

People think that Sydney bath and tapware do not play many roles in the overall design of the bathroom. But, this is not the reality. The tapware for your bathroom can impact the overall look and persona of your bathroom. 

Tapware comes up in several designs. It can be functional yet decorative. When you want to have the best of both worlds, try to choose something that can last the test of time and can be a great addition to your bathroom.

When renovating a bathroom, you need to choose quality tapware for the basin, bath, and shower. 

Although tapware is small in size, the right choice can add a powerful design punch to the entire look of your bathroom. It is also a simple and budget-friendly way to get a high-end feel for the most basic bathroom. 

Following are some of the significant factors that you need to pay attention to when choosing quality Sydney bath and tapware:


In terms of style, you have a wide variety of choices to make. You can choose between a contemporary, rustic, vintage, or minimalistic look. There are endless options available at the Total Home Design platform. You can begin making a choice by asking how you want your bathroom to look and feel. You may need contemporary-style tapware if you want the look to blend easily with the modern bathroom. If you are planning to make a bold statement, rustic or vintage tapware options can also be a great addition.


Material choice is another essential factor that every homeowner needs to pay attention to. If you want to get a relaxing look, gold or brass tapware options are great. Pair it with streaky marble and large indoor plants to get a distinct and beautiful look for your bathroom.


When choosing tapware, you don’t need to pay attention to just functionality, the shape of the tapware is also important. The fixture not only needs to look great. It should also be easy to use. Ergonomics plays an important role in areas like bathrooms. Look for a tap with a single lever so that it can be easily used by one hand. 

You can also use a mixer tap if you want separate hot and cold water. When your bathroom design has lots of sharp and square edges, try to look for curved tapware so that you can achieve a soft look for your bathroom.


Gone are the days when people wanted black-coloured shiny tapware. These days a variety of options are available. You can go for a brushed, polished, shiny, or matte finish. The amount of shine you choose for the tapware can impact the entire look and feel of your bathroom. If you want to add drama, brushed brass is a good option. Gold tapware can add warmth to the overall look of the bathroom. If you ask us, try to go for a combination of shiny tiles along with matte tapware to get the perfect look.

We are hopeful that all these factors will help you in choosing the perfect Sydney bath and tapware. You can get in touch with the design team at Total Home Design to get additional choices.

Is It A Worthwhile Option To Buy Building Material From An Online Platform?

Is It A Worthwhile Option To Buy Building Material From An Online Platform?

Due to the advancement in technology and digitalization, everything has become so much simpler and convenient. The procedure of buying building materials is also not an exception. There are a lot of people who are buying the building material from the online platform as they are highly impressed by the benefits and convenience. You just have to find a reliable platform for buying the building material, and then you are good to go.

 If you want to know about the various advantages which are associated with buying building material online, then you are suggested to have a look at the points mentioned below. 

Huge Variety Of Materials 

You might be aware of the fact that the offline stores consist of a very limited variety of materials in their stock. It is because they don’t have much space for storing it. Some of the stores consist of only specific materials, which means that you might have to make multiple visits to buy the complete material for the building. When we talk about the online platform, then there is a huge variety of building materials available. You can easily buy all the building materials in Bankstown under one roof only. This helps in saving your time as well as your efforts.

Assured Quality Products

It is quite difficult to know about the quality of the building material. So, this is the reason that you cannot trust just a random platform for buying the building material. However, the online platform, which is reputed and reliable, always consists of the best quality building material because they want to maintain their reputation. You can easily know about the quality of material offered by the online platform by reading the reviews of past customers.

Higher Level Of Convenience

The convenience which you get by buying the building material from the online platform is just remarkable. You will be impressed to know that you can find all kinds of materials by scrolling the platform. By buying building materials from Bankstown online, all your products will be delivered to your home, which means that you will not have to put any effort into buying them. The best-known platform always delivers its products before the estimated date of delivery. You also get so many amazing facilities on the online platform, which makes your whole experience much simpler and easier.

Reasonable Pricing And Great Discounts

The prices charged by the online platform for the building materials are very reasonable. It is because they are directly sold to you from the manufacturer so you can get some amazing discounts and reasonable prices for the material of building. However, the one thing that you need to know is that the reasonable pricing of the building material doesn’t mean that there is any compromise with the quality of products.

The Things At Last!

Till now, you also have made up your mind to buy the building materials from the online platform. The benefits of buying building materials online are numerous, so you should surely buy them from a well-known online platform.

Selecting The Stylish Bathroom Tapware In Sydney Will Change The Overall Look Of Your Space

Selecting The Stylish Bathroom Tapware In Sydney Will Change The Overall Look Of Your Space

It is true that there are multiple ways in which you can change the entire look of your house. Right from changing the doors and windows to the interior wall decorations, a simple change in the monotonous outlook can change the whole environment to a new one. However, there is one thing that can elevate the design and style of your sinks to a new level, and that will be multiple taps and their variant designs. Right from the bathroom tapware in Sydney to the taps in your kitchen, you can change anyone you want with a more beautiful and elevated one.

Importance of selecting the right taps for bathroom or kitchen space:

Firstly, let’s just state that you should not underestimate the importance of selecting the best bathroom tapware Sydney for populating your space. If you think about it real hard, these bathroom and kitchen taps are one of the most used components in any room and most needed in so many forms.

  • Not just taps for your sink, but you need them for your bathtub, added shower element, kitchen spaces and more.
  • Overall, a lot more needs to be taken care of other than a nice finish for complementing your prominent bathroom tapware Sydney and the fittings.

It is mandatory for your taps to deliver premium performance to match its top-level aesthetics. So, how do you possibly know which one is the best to select? Some of the simple steps will work out great for you to make the humble selection in the end.

The simple steps to address:

To start with the selection of the best black kitchen tapware, you can eliminate half of the field by coming to your decision on the traditional or the modern taps. For that, you can relatively make a simple choice depending on the current décor. Unless you are making plans to go for the full refurbishment and revamping the style as per your choice, selecting the modern or traditional tap won’t be tough work.

Creating that timeless look with it:

With the black kitchen tapware, you are requested not to hurry up and just take your time to create that timeless look. The more you research; you will be bombarded with so many tap designs and options to go for. So, without wasting time, it is vital to get along with the best kitchen taps or the ones for your bathroom from the reputed suppliers only.

Be sure of the quality of the taps as well:

Checking the style of the tap is not enough as you need to focus on the quality of the taps as well. These taps must be able to withstand daily use and pressure without breaking off. For that, checking out the suppliers and the brand name is really important as your money is at stake. Go through all the possible reviews and testimonials of the tap builders first, and then move forward with the best choice in the market.

Shop Tiles Directly From Factory Warehouses At Wholesale Prices

Shop Tiles Directly From Factory Warehouses At Wholesale Prices

Canberra is the capital city of Australia, and has a flourishing tile industry. It is common for big factories to have tile factory warehouses to store mass tile products as they are meant to be supplied all over Australia. You can now purchase tiles online from the comfort of your home at cheaper rates. Tiles sold online often come directly from tile factory warehouses. This makes tiles available to consumers at wholesale rates and exciting discounts as they are devoid of any additional taxes. 

What are Warehouses Used For? 

To be defined, a warehouse is a building or a storage area where goods are stored. Generally, warehouses are considered to be factory or industrial buildings, often located in industrial zones or the outskirts of a city, town or village. Sometimes warehouses are also referred to as ‘factory outlets’ or ‘godowns’ and are mainly used by:

  • Product Manufacturers 
  • Merchants or Traders
  • Wholesalers 
  • Transporters
  • Customs
  • Exporters and Importers
  • Big Showrooms and Stores
  • Product Distributors, etc. 

Thus, tile factory warehouses are industrial buildings required to store, ship, sell, and transport tiles to different areas. 

Types Of Warehouses

There are several types of warehouses. These are:

  • Storage Warehouses
  • Distribution Centres which include truck terminals and fulfilment centres 
  • Retail Warehouses
  • Flex Space like in factories and offices
  • Cold Storage Warehouses

Why Should One Buy Tiles From Wholesalers? 

Wholesalers are distributors who sell factory manufactured goods to retailers or commercial, institutional, industrial or other professional business users and wholesale related service providers. Wholesalers require tile factory warehouse(s) to sell tile products in bulk to standard consumers and anyone involved in construction businesses. Tile wholesaling can thus be defined as the selling of merchandise to either a person or an organisation. 

Operations Carried Out In Tile Warehouses 

A tile factory warehouse carries out a number of operations that covers some important areas which include:

  • Receiving Diverse Tile Products
  • Cross-docking tile products
  • Storing Inventory and Organising 
  • Operations related to Warehouse Management System
  • Sorting and Packing Tiles
  • Maintaining the overall infrastructure of the tile factory warehouse facility. 
  • Attaching barcodes and tracking solutions on products. 
  • Selecting delivery or pick up routes. 
  • Integrating tracking software and overseeing the functioning of new technology. 
  • Improving racking designs
  • Loading and unloading of tile packages. 
  • Monitoring assets and preparing for shipments. 

Overseas Tile Warehouses

Overseas tile warehouses are meant for overseas trade for importing and exporting tile products and also for shipping. Overseas warehouses now serve as a business venue for wholesale buyers. In e-commerce cross border trade, such warehouses are referred to as domestic enterprises. They transport tile products in bulk to targeted markets in the country. Local warehouses are then established from where distribution is done to respective consumers in time. 

The benefit Of Using Overseas Warehouses

Using overseas warehouses affects the delivery speed, increasing the product price and earning profit to some extent. Simultaneously, the consumer’s satisfaction may lead to second-order, growing sales. 


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