Because tens of thousands of clients rely on the Blacktown building supplies to identify construction suppliers, being a member is required to use the platform. Customers leverage our platform to identify suppliers to complete a broad range of projects quickly. 

A complete guide to getting their services:

  • Customers may be sure that they are interacting with a dedicated group of merchants since every one of our members has been thoroughly vetted.
  • Blacktown building supplies offer several membership choices; the one you choose will depend on the size and requirements of your business.
  • You will be able to optimize performance, decrease risk, and make the most of possible opportunities as a direct consequence of our experience in supply chain management and procurement.

Materials for construction, such as extruded and dry pressed bricks, as well as Besser and Hebel blocks, are available from us in a broad range of colours and designs. As a result, these materials are suited for producing load-bearing buildings that are reliable and sturdy.

  • Denser building blocks are preferred.

When reinforced with steel, Blacktown building supplies blocks are often used to construct outside load-bearing walls and elevator walls in buildings that may have up to eight stories. The possibility of housing wires and pipes inside the hollow tunnels reduces the amount of steel and masonry required. 

  • Inexpensive:

When reinforced with concrete and filled in between the blocks, Besser block walls provide exceptional strength and stability. They are also a very inexpensive choice for use in construction. In addition to this, they can withstand a great deal of force, are resistant to fire and sound, and may be braced.

Hebel blocks:

Hebel blocks are a fantastic option for construction since they are not only sturdy but also lightweight and easy to manipulate. They are made out of autoclaved aerated concrete with steel reinforcement and an anti-corrosion coating so that they may deliver the highest possible levels of strength and durability. Brick is traditionally used for construction, however. 

  • Cooling efficiency:

Hebel blocks provide superior insulation than a brick in terms of heating and cooling efficiency. 

  • Consequently, using them rather than building traditional bricks is preferable from an ecological standpoint. 
  • In addition, they are well adapted to the weather in the subtropical regions of Australia. 
  • Blacktown building supplies blocks are another alternative for environmentally friendly building materials since they are manufactured in Australia using raw materials acquired from the surrounding area.

Vents fashioned from bricks

Brick vents help to reduce the amount of moisture that accumulates beneath suspended flooring by enabling air to pass through them. This reduces the risk of mould growth, decay, insect infestation, and even structural failure during the colder months. They may be installed into a solid wall or within the gap between two concrete walls. Blacktown building supplies a range of brick vents; you’ll find a choice of traditional-looking clay vents in red terracotta and cream hues and square and louvre-style apertures. 


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