Are you supervising a kitchen renovation or planning to build a new kitchen? Apart from the appliances and framework, you also need to choose the joinery and cabinetry wisely. Remember that kitchens are one of the essential rooms in your house. So you need to select the cabinetry and joinery material with care to ensure the kitchen looks aesthetically appealing.  

From high-end to budget, the options are very when it comes to selecting Jindabyne joinery in NSW. Read on and find out which one fits your home perfectly:

Solid Timber:

Using solid timber joinery in your kitchen is the best option in terms of longevity. Moreover, you can just re-stain, re-sand, and repaint it to offer a new look to the kitchens down the track.  

This material also comes with some additional benefits. Timber rarely shows any signs of aging or dirt accumulation, and it is incredibly durable. That makes it the perfect choice for kitchens with heavy high traffic. Another advantage offered by solid timber joinery is its natural colour pallet that allows timber to tie easily into almost any kitchen, home decor, and flooring. 

Laminate Joinery:

You can never go wrong if you try using laminate joinery in your kitchen. This typical finish offers an extremely durable surface, and it also comes with an extensive colour range. Moreover, its contemporary texture makes it a perfect fit for any vision or style. Laminate joinery is an extremely cost-effective option and looks fantastic in any kitchen.  

Black Marine Ply:

The timber boundaries of the black marine ply that remains exposed are an imposing design feature. Black marine plywood comes with a sleek look, and that is a result of how the plywood is constructed- by putting thin layers of timber together. This suits ultra-modern, industrial, and inner-city chic kitchens. Such material has the added advantage of being a durable and cost-effective option. 

Plywood is more affordable than solid wood and comes with other advantages like:
  • Strength
  • Suitable for any exterior job
  • Screw support
  • It is aesthetically appealing in the raw state.

Prefinished veneers:

Prefinished veneers are also a hot favourite to most of the homeowners. The manufacturers explain to their clients that what they see is actually what they get, which is always right. As the veneers are pre-finished, you need not worry about the colours of the surfaces. 

You need to remember that most of the veneers are ‘raw finished’ when you see the samples. So, the dark or red tint of the tier after applying one or two coats of lacquer might surprise you.  This type of Jindabyne joinery in NSW is not only durable, mainly during vertical uses; it is also an excellent choice for statement areas in your kitchen. 

Last, but not least:

Another popular choice of kitchen joinery material is two packs. It is known for being the best in terms of looks and high gloss. It is incredibly flexible as a material in terms of use. You can apply it to any material surface or style of doors. 


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