With the extreme weather all around Australia, having the right outdoor shading has become an essential part of the exterior décor for both commercial and residential properties. As both residential and commercial spaces are expanding, the places need larger windows, sliding glass walls, or doors to protect the place from getting excessive heat and cold.

But these cannot offer the properties enough insulation and as a result, it becomes important to install some outdoor protective installation for shielding the interior of the property. And it comes to install outdoor protective shields on any property, outdoor awnings, especially the outdoor fixed guide awnings are the best options to choose.

  • About fixed guide awnings:

These awnings are considered as the perfect outdoor awnings for properties with hard to reach and top windows. Because of the high angled position, these can easily deflect the unwanted light and heat from reaching the window. And you can keep the window open. And when the awnings are retracted, the fabric remains well protected by a cassette or a hood in different colorbond colours. Another significant thing about these awnings is that they are available in both traditional and modern designs. And you can fit those with see-through mesh or block out fabrics.

These can be operated with a rope mechanism, an outdoor pulley, or with a motorized style. The fixed guide awnings in Little Bay do not include locking arms like other awnings. Instead, these come with circular guides on the bottom bars that run up two metal rods on each side of the awnings. From there, different combinations of components are used based on the control method chosen. This offers the awnings complete flexibility of stopping at almost any point without the requirement of securing the base rail.

Depending on the installer you choose, they can customize these awnings using the best quality materials like galvanised roller tubes and rods, colorbond hoods, and stainless-steel wires and fittings. And each of these types comes with several years of warranty.

  • How do these awnings operate?

The fixed guide awnings in Little Bay are quite similar to the automatic awnings. And these also work with the same principle that the top rollers use for rolling up materials. And there are two different control methods available in these awnings.

In case the blind is fixed from the first floor, then the rope is offered that leads down through the window frame or to the ground level with centre pulley.

  • There are motorization options available that offer the best convenience:

These awnings either have stainless wire or solid rod guide and these do not have a projection or up to around 300mm. So, these can easily be operated with an external or internal cord along with fully motorized internal crank handle. Besides, these awnings are spring-loaded, and you can lower these with external or internal cords. In case these fixed guide awnings in Little Bay are motorized or winder operated, then steel bars are inserted to the bottom rails to weigh down those and prevent the wind from lifting those up.



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