When buying bunk beds, there are many factors that govern your choice. Bunk beds are found in different designs. When buying for home, usually they are bought for the kids’ room when there are siblings. In such beds, you might just look for comfort and aesthetics. But buying commercial bunk beds is a different ball game. Commercial bunk beds are bought for hotels, hostels, shelter homes. 

In commercial bunk beds, you usually look for bed frames that will support the weight of firemen working long shifts, students in dormitories, travelers living in hostels, or anyone spending a night or two in a shelter home. So, a commercial bunk bed needs to be a product that is sturdy and provides comfort and safety when you sleep. Additionally, commercial bunk beds must also be able to hold up with the damage and wear and tear. When buying commercial bunk beds, one must choose a dealer that meets the international standards of safety and strength so that the product you buy lasts long. It is also important to double-check the material with which the commercial bunk bed is made.

Amazing features of commercial bunk beds:

Read these features of commercial bunk beds that make them stand apart from domestic bunk beds:

  • Heavy-duty strength: When it comes to features of commercial bunk beds, it is very important to look for strength and durability. Industrially strong materials like mesh panels, welded metals are used to make the bed platforms that can support five hundred pounds of weight. The lack of traditional spring eliminates squeaking noise.
  • Wear-resistant material: Commercial bunk beds are made of materials that can last long. As bunk beds are used in hostels, dormitories, camps, hotels, the material used to make them must last long and look attractive even after use for a long time. The paint must be UV resistant so that it does not fade even after long use.
  • Easy to assemble: In commercial setups, the last thing they want is a complex assembling process for a bunk bed. Hence commercial bunk beds usually come with a manual that can help you set them up in half an hour.
  • Safe to use: Safety is the first priority even for commercial buyers, not just because they want to offer a comfortable sleep to their sleepers, but because they want to avoid liabilities. Commercial bunk beds meet the highest safety standards.

Some of the additional features that you can find in some commercial bunk beds are under bed drawers that provide storage space and do not occupy additional space. This indeed makes space look more charming. Side rail on the top bunk is another safety feature on commercial bunk beds. This gives additional safety to the person sleeping on top. The only thing to watch out for is that the side rails are not made of a flimsy material. Commercial bunk beds are sold by many reputed dealers across Australia.


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