The time has come to change the old design of your bathroom with a new one. It is true that simple changes can make a whole lot of difference. So, it is vital for you to catch up with the best renovation experts to get clear help with bathroom renovations in eastern suburbs Sydney.
It is true that simple tricks will go a long way when it comes to bathroom renovations. Once you are aware of the ideas to consider, you can always expect to get the best renovation works done. So, without wasting time, it is time to focus on those new bathroom remodelling ideas first.

The shift in the bathtub:

Remember that a proper shift in the bathtub can always change the entire look of your bathroom. It will give you maximum use of bathroom space and ensures that you have a blast already.
Not just shifting the bathtub, but also moving the toilet area can work out well or you. It might help you to free up space for extra storage space and a double vanity. To top it all, you can give a contemporary and playful look of the space, just to make the room look airy and bright.

Tuning in on the flooring sector too:

Once you are sure of the shifting of the bathtub and toilet portion, it is better to catch up with the flooring for a complete bathroom renovation. The plain tiles which used to grace the floor can easily get replaced with smaller white, black and grey tiles.
These colours and placements will help to create a smaller hexagon pattern. A simple change in the bathroom floor will create some magical changes in here.

For the double vanity:

If your bathroom currently has a single dark coloured vanity portion, then it is time to turn that dark and cramped space into bright area with maximum storage in here.
If your bathroom has the space, then you can easily change single vanity with the double vanity option. This double vanity will actually feature enough cabinet space for stowing your necessary toiletries and then currently freeing up that counter space in here.

Working on the tiling factor:

You must know that simple tiles won’t give that glamorous look to the bathroom and you might have to change it with something new. Turning the boring tile concept into an eye-catching and gorgeous piece of artwork is really an interesting point to consider with the bathroom renovations services. The colours can remain a bit subtle with greys, black, white and green. However, what will make the tiles stand out is the pattern with it. 

Add in some colours:

Never always opt for an all-white bathroom colour. Adding a bit of blue or textured wallpapers on the tiles will make the necessary changes and will help you with a better bathroom style and look. You can get multiple suggestions from experts but the final call remains yours. So, you better watch out for those options in here now!


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