Spending a night around the fire pit has become the summertime tradition in many houses. Fire pits never fail to bring ambience to a home or commercial property. Adelaide is the city in Australia where you can get the fire pits Adelaide with unique designs that offer a stunning upscale display for both outdoors. There are many benefits in having fire pits, such as it lights up your night, gives the ambience environment etc. But at the same time, safety is very important. Continue reading this article to know the do’s and don’ts of fire pits.

Do keep the fire pit at a safe distance 

While fixing or installing the fire pit, ensure that it is located safely from the house. It is recommended to keep the fire pits a minimum of 10 to 20 feet away from a house or other structures like a shed or detached garage. It is very good to keep the fire pit away from the structures that catch on fire.

Do check the weather report before starting the fire

If you start the fire at the time of windy weather, it increases the risk of embers blowing around and potentially landing on the house and other structures around the fire pit. In case of gusting winds, it is recommended to fire on another night. 

Don’t place the fire pit beneath the trees

Even though you have placed the fire pit away from your house and other structures that have a chance of catching fire easily, you need to ensure that it is not placed beneath the tree or next to shrubs. This is because the low hanging branches and shrubs can easily catch fires. So ensure that the fire pits are not placed in a place that has a high risk. At the same time, don’t let the fire pits burn near the flammable materials. So before starting the fire ensures that there is no flammable material around the fire pits.

Don’t leave the fire pit with the burning flame

You need to keep this thing in your mind that unattended recreational fires are illegal and the chance of high risk. If you are using the fire pit, you should never leave the fire pit with burning flames or allows the fires to die out overnight slowly. It is advisable that extinguish the fire before leaving the fire pit. Also, you should stop adding the wood to the fire roughly one hour before you plan to leave the pit. You can use water or sand to extinguish the fire. Also, before leaving the fire pit, ensure that it is completely extinguished.

Bottom line

Fire pits have become most popular among the people. You can opt for fire pits in Adelaide for various collections and experience the best service. If you have a fire pit at your home or are in the idea of fixing them in the future, be cautious about the factors mentioned above. A night is the beautiful part of the whole day, so light up that beautiful night with the fire pit.


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