The most overlooked area, when it comes to choosing your bathroom installations, is the toilet. Not every homeowner will take out time and research the different varieties of toilet suites when they plan to renovate their bathroom. However, there are some varieties that are increasingly gaining popularity and which most contractors are usually recommending. One of them is back to wall toilet suites. Are you still unaware of what back to wall toilet suite is and you do you install them? 

Below mentioned are some information about back to wall toilet suites and their different styles available in the market: 

Back to wall toilet: 

Unlike the traditional toilets, these toilets have hidden cisterns within the wall or in the unit. These toilets offer a sleek, yet minimal look. If you want a contemporary style bathroom, then these toilet suites are the most ideal option for you. Also, if you have a smaller bathroom, you may look up to these toilets as they provide a space-saving solution. Most homeowners with smaller bathrooms are installing these toilets nowadays to save as much space as they can. Some varieties of these toilets allow you to use them with or without a unit and have a close seat. 

Varying styles: 

If you are looking forward to installing a toilet that offers varying designs and different looks, you may choose back to wall toilet suites for your bathroom. They have modern as well as traditional toilet styles. If you want the one that has an elegant look, you can choose Eden back to wall toilet suite that has a modern shape and looks stylish. If you are looking for contemporary style, the Tate back to wall toilet suite will be the best option for you. It is simple and has a soft close seat which makes it suitable for the family bathrooms. Alternatively, you may choose traditional style toilets that fit best in small bathrooms. 


For the installation of your back to wall toilets, you may choose one of the two ways. They are- directly against the wall or with a unit. Go for the one that works best for your bathroom, matches its design, and suits your taste. 

  • With a unit: When you install a toilet with a back to wall unit, it makes things easier. These toilets eliminate the need for setting the cistern behind the toilet in the wall. The entire unit also provides a shelf space. 
  • Without a unit: You may install the toilet against the wall if the sleek and minimal look is what you desire. This completely hides the cistern inside. You must know that these toilets are quite difficult to install. However, you may get a chance to add the storage space above. 

The Final Look: 

The back to wall toilet suites matches with your other bathroom furniture and creates a beautiful look. They offer an unmatchable finish to help you create a spectacular bathroom. Find the toilet of your choice to get the bathroom you desire. 


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