Travelling can be a challenging experience when you’re feeling rushed or just need some downtime. Have you ever found yourself itching to get out of the airport but don’t know where to go? Chances are, you’ve been stuck in the airport lounge. But is the airport lounge really the best place for you? This article will give you five reasons why you should be using airport lounges in Northern Beaches more often.

Calm and Relax

The airport lounge is usually pretty close to airline gates, so getting there from the terminal takes a less stressful amount of time. If you’re going through security, too, it can be nice to take your carry-on bag with you and get all the groaning over TSA rules out of the way one step at a time. Plus, if you’re stuck in an overcrowded waiting room before boarding or even after landing because another flight just got delayed, airport lounges in Northern Beaches usually have free food and drinks.


If you don’t mind getting to the airport a little later than normal, lounges in Northern Beaches are usually cheaper than stand-alone airline cafes. Stand-alone bars have also sprung up at some airports lately, but they’re still pricey by comparison.

Not as Crowded

Suppose it’s not an international flight or any flights with layovers in international destinations. In that case, the chances are that your gate will be in the same terminal as your lounge—no need to make a new cross-terminal trip. On domestic flights, you’ll sometimes find lounges on or near departure terminals; some get lineups and can feel more like crowded waiting rooms than places with free WiFi.

Family Fun

There are kid’s lounges at airports worldwide, usually at either terminal or lounge level. Since kids are allowed to just about anywhere in most top hotels-and-lounges these days (especially when you stay there more than a week), and since having some downtime during your layover is important for other reasons as well, travelling with family can be an appealing option if you have young ones who need time to do their usual.

Real Food

Most airport lounges serve pretty good food for a lot less. In many cases, the food is delicious. Airlines usually charge extra for snacks or anything not served in-flight—or at least say they do on their websites—so don’t be surprised if you get better deals through places like these than by airline cafes that appear to serve the same cakes but cost hundreds more per person.

Focused Help

No Seat Assignments, No Wheelchairs: Most airline lounges are pretty busy anyway without trying to make money by charging for basic amenities. But those that don’t demand more of the passengers won’t budge on prices unless you get room service or take your business elsewhere. Call ahead if none of this applies to you; some airlines might let their lounges accommodate pets or pregnant women so long as they’re in wheelchairs or have other special needs.

So, you’ve probably heard about the airport lounges, but are you using them? There are several benefits to using these lounges, including that they offer great amenities and exclusive deals. Check out our blog for more information on why you should be using airport lounges!


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