You have been thinking of purchasing a cot mattress for your baby’s crib for a long time now. Going for the all-organic option seems to be a smart choice, especially if you plan to invest in the best product. An organic mattress is all about the quality and natural fibre used to make it. Coconut fibre seems to be one major option while looking for an organic cot mattress, and you should get one.

Let’s talk about the five major reasons why you need to purchase such an organic cot mattress:

  • Using always the natural materials for its manufacturing:

Most market-available mattresses will have chemical-filled materials, which can be pretty bad for you, mainly for your baby’s health. But that won’t be the case with the organic one. Only natural and organic fibres like cotton and wool will be used to manufacture such mattresses. So your baby will remain protected and free from any chemicals all the time.

  • Much-needed support available:

Organic mattresses are certified to use materials like inner springs and even light-in-weight food-graded polyethylene. Always take your time to check in case the mattress has the Global Organic Textile Standard or the GOTS label on it. It means that your purchased mattress is non-toxic certified and will use only baby-friendly materials for its manufacturing.

  • Free from fire retardant materials:

Unfortunately enough, most mattresses will have fire retardant coating or materials in them. It might sound good in the beginning, but these materials are proven to be bioaccumulative. It will start storing these chemicals whenever your body gets exposed to them. Exposing your kids to such chemicals is the last thing you want. It might cause serious health issues, which won’t be the case with organic mattresses.

  • No use of harmful plastic chemicals:

The best feature about such an organic cot mattress is that you are free from harmful or plastic chemical use while working with such options. Moreover, the mattresses are waterproof in nature, using their organic compound and not by slaying some toxic chemicals on top of it. So, you can always get hold of such organic cot mattresses as you want the best for your baby. Natural fibres will have great absorbing features, so there is no need to add any toxic chemicals.

  • Perfect for preventing asthma attacks:

Best ingredients are always used for manufacturing organic mattresses. These mattresses ensure that allergens fail to build on their surface. So, there will be a lower chance of your baby developing asthma problems or even getting hold of any respiratory infections because of toxic materials. So, by using some organic and natural ingredients for the mattresses, you are covered for good!

These points will help you know why you need organic-based cot mattresses for your babies. Once purchased, these items are subject to last for a long time. So, without fail, get yourself one now from the reputed centres.


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